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  1. California's Great New Education System

    California has a really important upgrade in public postsecondary education, and it's worth writing about. It's not the University of California, or the California State University, or even the California Community Colleges. Those institutions are old-hat. The Golden State has shifted its priorities to take funds away from these older institutions and sink them into the new approach.

    The new system is miles ahead of them in its ability to recruit new students. Even better than that,
  2. The Fragrance Wheel and the Oriental Family of Scents

    The classification of fragrances is an art that has been practiced in different ways at different times. One of the most popular graphical representations of perfumery's main varieties is the one that Michael Edwards developed in 1983 for his first volume of Fragrances of the World. I reproduce it here for easy reference:

    [wikipedia "Fragrance Wheel"]

    It is possible to see

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    The Fragrance Industry , The Art of Perfumery , Perfume History
  3. PG Papyrus de Ciane: Using Myth to Weave a Mystique Around a Perfume

    What's a sophisticated way of weaving some mystery around a perfume? Take some element of the composition and relate it to a few potent images drawn from classical geography and mythology to spin a story around its concept. A good recent example is Parfumerie Générale Papyrus de Ciane.

    Begin by writing some advertising copy that makes oblique references to some little-known theme:
    “From the Arethuse fountain to the meandering dark waters of Ciane, the elegant sway of intense

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  4. Frolicking with Pan in the lair...

    I love the flowies.. how can you not?? My years as a florist surrounded me in their lush scents, caressed me with soft velvet petals and the colours!!!!... proof that the Gods & Goddesses love us very much. Not surprising that KittyWitch Perfumery’s ready wear line is full of floral scents that make you go yum!!!…. but not everyone is hooked on flowies as I am. So I dug into our custom vault and re-discovered a past favorite “Pan’s Pleasure”. Memories and scent are so intertwined…. memories ...
  5. busting out my shalimar cherry

    tonight i celebrate my love for guerlain
    and i'm gonna get l heure bleu and jicky eventually

    now that i smoke rollies i have $150 i can spend a month
    so that means at least two bottles of good perfume and a lot of iced blueberry coffees from dunkin

    shalimar is intimidating in its presence
    seems really formal right off the bat
    sensual in a way that women completely different than me are sensual
    if that makes any sense ...

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