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  1. I just had to find one of these...and I Belgium. :)

    "For spring 2008, Cacharel launched a poetic, collectible version of its classic scent Anas Anas. Christened ‘Flower Edition’, this 30th anniversary edition was garbed in a modern-vintage bottle, with a just-opened flower at the neck. A boudoir spirit reinvented by designer Patrick Veillet. The lily, orange-blossom, rose and sandalwood

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  2. OMG samples : )

    Just got in from work and am the proud owner of over 50 samples from TPC!!! If my house burns down, bugger the children, my samples are first to be rescued lol
    What a wondeerful dayyy
  3. Choose Your Top 1990-Today Fragrance

    You are going on a trip and you need to rush and pick up your 5 best men fragrances to go with you. However the fragrances should be from 1990 to date. What would you choose?

    I have thought about it and I guess I would pick up:

    L'air du desert Marocain by Tauer
    Ormonde man by Ormonde Jayne
    Arsene Lupin Dandy by Guerlain
    Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford
  4. Sampling Groups Part 2: How to Pack Samples to Avoid Mishaps

    Basically there are two things to prevent: leaks and breakage.

    Leak prevention:

    1. Leave a bit of head space when decanting!
    Liquids expand in the lower atmospheric pressure of the airplane hold, so don't fill the vial or atomizer completely, or the perfume will be forced out when it expands.

    2. Tape the caps on afterward.
    The idea is to keep the cap in place so the sprayer doesn't discharge by accident. Bandage tape leaves ...

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  5. Hawaii: Fragrance, Flowers, and Leis

    In a few days, my husband Russ and I are off to Hawaii for a week's vacation. I have been there twice before, and each time have learned more about Hawaii, its beauty, resources, and culture, its people and its many attractions.

    We'll be spending a few days on the Big Island, Kona side, enjoying the warmth and the water, and seeing some of the island, where until now we have only spent a few hours, years ago while on a Hawaiian cruise.

    Then we'll spend a few more days

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