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  1. Intervention - Samples of frags

    Oh my God- I had no idea how simple it is to get carried away with ordering samples.
    I saw people on line who claimed to have hundreds of "imps" collected from buying samples but thought that was absurd.
    I really got hooked on Opus oils and smell bent and how easy it is to order samples and the next thing I know its three am on a saturday and Im agonizing over which collection I must posess .
    Its pretty bad when Im fitting them all in a makeup bag to drag around with ...
  2. On the English Language: A Slow Burn

    A while back, I posted to my blog about some of the peculiarities of the English language "as she is spoke" around America and the world ( One British reader responded and confessed to a fascination with American English. I recently looked at this post again, and it inspired this:

    Forgive me for doing a slow burn on this until two years later, but it just occurred to me that British

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  3. Intellectual Dishonesty and Creed - What's it Like to be Royal?


    The house of Creed isnít fooling anyone. Thatís the word on the street.

    However, thereís a strain of logic that overshadows the Creed skepticsí core argument that is deeply and irrevocably flawed. The logic in question is as follows:

    [B]Since Creed refuses to provide evidence in the form of vintage bottles, sales receipts, and royal warrants explicitly commissioning perfumes since the days of King George III and onward, one can safely conclude ...
  4. what started it all for me

    i smelled santos on a guy on the trailways bus with me back from manhattan
    he was getting off at woodbury commons, an outlet mecca of downstate new york

    he smelled so good i had to ask
    buy it (for my brother) and start getting into fragrance

    i bought dolce vita again, which was the only bottle of perfume i ever bought myself besides charlie on a lark to become more feminine...

    dolce vita was stolen by a crackhead my dad let into the house ...
    Tags: cartier, santos
  5. New Additions -- Bond No. 9, Chanel, Creed, & Pure Havane

    It's been a while since I got on my little soapbox here and babbled about cologne. Here's quick notes on some of my recent additions in the last couple of months.

    Allure Homme Sport (Chanel) --
    This is probably going to be my "go to" fragrance for the Spring/Summer months. Not a whole lot to say about this that hasn't been said. Besides, if it's good enough for Lemmy, it's good enough for me. ;-)

    Cooper Square ...

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