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  1. Sensual Embrace - An Afternoon To Remember


    Another fun fragrance - evoking another playful review. Don't let the name fool you. Sensual Embrace may have some sultry, smoky notes in the heart, and smoldering, musky and sandalwood sensuality in the base, but it's playful and fun before it gets there. You may never want that part to end….

    The best part of being a private fragrance investigator is remembering ...
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  2. 1) Zahras=Slow & 2) AMOUAGE ATTARS - Coming to a Store near You!

    I just purchased 6ml of Rose Taifi, and as soon as my payment went through I recieved this:

    "Your payment was successfully processed - thank you. The item(s) usually take 7-10 days to make and another 5-7 days for shipment. We will endeavor to keep you informed of progress."

    So, a possible 17 days before it even ships even. Wow. Glad I bought just one item! I could have flown to U.A.E., purchased it and been back home in half the time.

    Tags: amouage, zahras
  3. a really big day

    decided to buy miniatures so i quit blowing my wad on blind buys
    if i'm saving 60% or more, i tend to just buy "the big one"
    doesn't always work out for me

    so day before yesterday i got my
    and bvlgari blv notte

    haven't put on the boucheron yet
    but last night was the blv notte
    which i adored, but will not be buying
    and the prada today, which i MAY

    but in the meantime ...
  4. Craving - The X Factor

    Perfumer: Ambrosia of Perfume By Nature. Sydney, Australia

    My package arrived all the way from Australia, intact. Ambrosia certainly presents her perfumes with flair and my sample of ‘Craving’ came in a soft leather like green pouch and 2 printed cards.

    The name of this fragrance is very fitting …believe me.

    Notes: Cocoa absolute, roasted nuts, caramel, hyraceum , ambrette seed, Australian sandalwood, ...

    Updated 1st July 2010 at 04:39 PM by Mimi Gardenia

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  5. Most Worn in June? + 2nd Quarter

    Yay, this is the first month I stuck to keeping track of all my wears! Whoo hoo!
    Quote Originally Posted by Warum View Post
    I almost started this thread yesterday, but worked instead and kept checking if someone else did
    June 2010 was the first month I really stuck to it, keeping track of everything I wore and sampled.

    The results stunned me. I am officially calling my June 2010 "A Month of Sampling Feast" -- I wore 52 different scents in June!!! Some wearings were "researchy" kinds --
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