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  1. 2010

    44 different scents worn

    5x -- Tolu by Ormonde Jayne
    3x -- Mahjoun by DSH
    Yvresse by YSL
    2x -- Lumiere (DSH)
    Alien (Mugler)
    Onda EDP (Vero Profumo)
    Honey Blossom (Aftelier)
    Gold Woman (Amouage)

    Fourth Quarter:
    I recorded almost nothing in October, but still. 79 different scents worn *Good Lord!!*
    7x -- Tolu
    5x -- Cardamom and Khyphi (DSH) ...

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  2. Another year

    So much has happened with my nose this past year, I realized, having a look at my entry about L'Heure Bleue - is that really no longer than eight months ago? How strange! I like heliotrope. I gifted a friend with samples of eight heliotrope-laden fragrances for Christmas and I can't wait to try them myself.

    I honestly cannot think of a single fragrance I really detest; I can think of ones I dislike, fragrances that make me wrinkle my nose and consider moving a few feet away, but ...

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  3. i guess it's makeup

    more than anything
    they either put a shit ton of perfume in it
    or my nose is sensitive

    cause that shit reaks
    even the cheap shit
    smells delicious
    if you take a shower or even wash your face and put on makeup
    perfume is just for show

    makeup being already such a luxury
    after, like, soap
  4. hallie berry

    really sweet but nice
    mom sent it
    not something i'd buy but it is a happy one

    and i have more avon stuff coming
    so i can pile on the guilt like so many misguided layers of perfume

    god damn me to hell!
    i love hulu

    saw my not husband and it was amazing
    now i'm high as a kite
    on leftover white rice and brown gravy
  5. no more perfume for three years?

    i have magie noire now.
    so i am a demigoddess.

    this shit is so unreal
    your crazy widowed aunt who always has ten bucks for you
    or whatever

    i got paloma too
    but this is off the emm effin chain glory in the highest

    also, my kid pooped in his new christmas underwear
    what is the genre of these old crazy bitch perfumes?

    anne klien II
    magie noire


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