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  1. Two Very Different Poems: One Scented, The Other Not

    Patrice de LA TOUR DU PIN

    Laurence endormie

    Cette odeur sur les pieds de narcisse et de menthe,

    Parce qu'ils ont foulé dans leur course légère

    Fraîches écloses, les fleurs des nuits printanières,
Remplira tout mon cœur de ses vagues dormantes ;

    Et peut-être très loin sur tes jambes polies,

    Tremblant de la caresse encor de l'herbe haute,

    Ce parfum végétal qui monte, lorsque j'ôte

    Tes bas éclaboussés de

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  2. 1000 Posts + My letter to Basenotes, blah blah.....

    Upon reaching 1000 posts today (Oh boy, I'm DEPENDENT now!! ), I'm definitely looking back at my time spent on Basenotes so far. I originally came here as a reviewer when I was 18 and simply reviewed fragrances. I was recommended to Basenotes from a men's grooming forum called MenEssentials. Anyway, time passed and by the spring of 2009 I was reviewing frequently. By that summer, I had left fragrances and Basenotes to pursue other interests.

    Flash-forward to October 2010, ...
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  3. Rose Notes: Part 1

    I am participating in 30Roses sample program for roses. So, I am making notes for myself in case I feel a need to review scents.

    Tea Rose: My standard is Fleur de The Rose Bulgare by Creed. Mainly because it is the oldest tea rose perfume in the collection. I already had a sample of this one in my collection.

    Perfumer's Workshop Tea Rose: This one is a bit spicier than the Creed. I could tell it was from the 70's without looking at the date. It has a "potpourri" ...
  4. Fragrances that I own but aren't in the directory

    Arrogance - Lime, Sugar Mix EDT
    BBW - Black Raspberry Vanilla Fragrance Mist
    BBW - Twilight Woods Fragrance Mist
    Hello Kitty EDP at Sephora
    Indigoddess - Mango Tea Perfume Oil
    Indigoddess - Red Velvet Cake Perfume Oil
    Indigoddess - Toasted Marshmallow Perfume Oil
    Kat Von D - Sinner EDP
    Lulu Guinness - Fairytales EDP
    Millefiori Natural Perfumery - Luzon Perfume Oil
    Millefiori Natural Perfumery - Tuberosa Perfume Oil
    Nuts ...
  5. Rose Poivrée's Formulation Has Not Changed!!!

    Many people are saying things like 'I have heard'. Not one for innuendo or rumor mongering, I have spoken directly

    to the CEO of 'The Different Company' about the RUMOUR of a possible reformulation of Rose


    I have worn this for years, (since University) I think I may have a salient opinion.

    Having acquired current samples this month directly from the company (also having been assured they represent

    EXACTLY ...

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