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  1. UNGARO III...own it..lovin it!!!!!!!

    this is my second day on BN and i would love to let all know that i am proud owner of UNGARO III..another BN sweetheart... first a blast of a fresh but dark top notes.. cant point out much.. but definitely i do understand that lurking dark rose note all talk about.. it stay behind the curtains but you definitely feel the shadow as it creeps along now and agreat deal too on this badboy!!!!! 'll be trigger happy with this for some time as season is cool with enough ...
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  2. UNGARO III on its way....cant wait!!!!!!

    just ordered UNGARO III the famous basenotes sweetheart..the infamous dark vampire woody rose of a fragrance!!!!! cant wait to get my hands on it... a visit to mussuorie(fingers crossed) is in store.. a great place to try it out... lets see what pleasures it brings into my world...
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  3. Day 2 to all the indians !!!!!!

    hello my fellow country men.. again i just wanna remind you that this hobby as addicting as it is is not that rewarding when it comes to budget matters as er our country settings!!!! so here is a thread to bring together the serious and avid collectors so that all of us get a chance to have what we individually cannot!!!!!!!!?highlight=

  4. Day 1 on basenotes

    hey ppl,
    yazi here.. i am from india and it is a great pleasure to be here.. i was always into fragrances but recently only i hv taken up this hobby seriously..though its a costly one but its worth.. i hv started collecting for about a fortnight and presently am a proud owner of 8 bottles.. but as being in INDIA there is a disadvantage cuz of ..well.. exchange rates no national group of splitters/swap/decants etc..lets hope i grow well in this community and ...
  5. SOTD - Sunday, 25 July 2010

    Quote Originally Posted by kumquat View Post

    Caron - Fleurs de Rocaille
    (Rockgarden Flowers)

    Fairytale colors strewn along a glorious path,
    I am lead to a bright stream that cools my feet.
    So many flowers it's impossible to choose.
    The amber and sandalwood encompasses them all
    in a sunny glow that displays their finery.

    Created by Ernest Daltroff, in 1934 in USA.
    This is vintage parfum.
    A floral fragrance with notes;

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