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  1. Fragrance Review: Incanto pour homme by Salvatore Ferragamo - 2004

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    A summer fragrance: Light musk, citrus and light woods.
    It's a pretty basic fragrance becouse it feel wattered down. To be honest, I expected more from the S.F. fashion house. Longevity is'nt to good either. 3 to 4 hours.

    It's not all bad. This might be perfect for anyone that just wants a light and easy fragrance for just hanging around the house. And this is where the poor longevity come in handy. I usualy spray this on in the ...
  2. Fragrance Review: Un Bois Vanille by Serge Lutens - 2003

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    First off: This is a womans fragrance. The only reason I own a bottle was the fact that I blind bought it for only a couple of bucks.

    The Serge Lutens house does'nt have many gender specific fragrances. There is not much to say about this scent. It is super sweet, extremely feminine and as the name states: loads of vanille.

    Even though there are some womans fragrances that come out pretty well on a men's skin, this is not ...
  3. Fragrance Review: 1 Million by Paco Rabanne - 2008

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    You either love it or hate it, but one thing we can all agree on:
    this fragrance opened up some serious discussions.

    Mostly becouse over the last few years this has been so badly "hyped" that many in the fragrance community quickly wrote this off as "to synthetic", "to feminine" or to sweet. I admit, this is pretty sweet and can come off as femenine (Though many of the scents that came out around that ...
  4. Spellbound on Beltaine...xxo

    Been working on a new custom perfume for a client..was given the words of “sensual,warmth,mysterious,mesmerized,oriental,woo dy,and spicy” plus a shout out of the clients fave scents (now this kittywitch doesn’t kiss and tell everything) some things i keep secret..anyhoo where to start??!!
    Asked for the clients sign.. which is Virgo so that gives me the base of anise,narcissus and wisteria, now why these three??? well it just is.. its the magic of Virgo.. ok I’m soooo seduced by anise now..i ...
  5. Fragrance Review: La Martina Hombre by La Martina - 2008

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    This is the first fragrance from the La Martina house. Mostly known for their polo's, jackets and one of the major polo gear supliers around the world.

    To me this scent definitely reminds me of what a summers-day polo match. This is mostly becouse of the leather, vetiver and fruit notes.

    The opening is a splash of citrus and mandarin and leather. In the dry-down, the leather and cedar notes comes to the forefront. Personaly ...

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