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  1. North to Alaska, or There and Back Again

    So after a few days of resting from our rest, I'll tell you about our trip.

    We flew Alaska Airlines to Seattle on June 6, where we picked up our bags and boarded our transfer to Pier 91. Our flight was about a half-hour late getting in, because we had a long take-off queue in San Francisco and never quite made up the flight time along the way. We were still on board the ship a couple of hours before sailing time.

    When we got to our cabin, we found that our travel agent

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  2. S O T D Thrusday 17 June 2010

    Quote Originally Posted by kumquat View Post

    Strange Invisible Perfumes -Trapeze

    Nearly retro, this mysterious blend combines the unlikely bedfellows;
    tuberose & carnation with vetiver & spearmint.
    Dense, sweet but gutsy and fresh, this scent has the
    chutzpa required for such derring do.
  3. Sharini: Graines de Paradis

    My first sample from The Mystery Musk project arrived today from Sharini, nicely packaged and accompanied by a sheet giving details. ( For those of you, like myself, a little confused at first as to where the sample is - it's hidden in the potpourri! )

    A brief whiff of ginger appears for a few seconds before the top notes bloom as a clean and fresh grapefruit and cherry, lightly floral in an attractive way. The grapefruit is completely devoid of that sulfurous component that repels ...
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  4. Sotd - Wednesday the 16th of June

    Quote Originally Posted by Warum View Post
    I am in Hermes Un Jardin sur le Nil. Just got it in a swap, had no idea what it smelled like, but when I tried it I was elated! Here's something along the "tropical" lines that actually works for me. White petals asoar a light breeze scented by some tropical fruit... light breeze, not a B&B breakfast bowl -- here's the key for me!

    It probably won't work in really hot weather, but over here.... ah well, I'll stop rubbing it in. I'm off to the valley, maybe it'll
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  5. Sotd - Wednesday the 16th of June

    Quote Originally Posted by kumquat View Post

    John Singer Sargent
    Pierre Balmain - Ivoire

    The perfect scent for a warm day.
    Softly wrapped in loose white linen, I dream.
    Sweet lemonade is the ideal companion
    for the light greens and spritely florals.

    Created in 1980 by Florasynth;
    a soft fresh green floral parfum with
    top notes of marigold, bergamot, galbanum and camomile with
    heart notes of jasmine, lily of

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