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  1. I quit smoking!

    So, I quit smoking about 2 months ago now. I miss smoking, it was fun. Smoking was fun but stinky. I figured, aside from my health, Dear God I will drop 200 bucks on a bottle of EdP and then dust it with stale tobacco smoke. What am I thinking? Interestingly, before I quit smoking I would apparently way over-apply frag and not even know it, I guess from a desensitized sense of smell. Literally I have sprayed 5 sprays of A&F Fierce, Green Irish Tweed and the worst Diesel Only the Brave ...
  2. My first Basenotes Blog

    As the saying goes: There is a first time for everything. So here is my first Basenotes Blog! The thing Iíll try to do in my blogs here is just write whatís on my mind. About fragrances of course because I donít want to be banned right! So letís do this.

    Lately I have been looking for more and more ďrare fragrancesĒ. Not all niche since some are from a designer house but just a little hard to get. #1 on my list to get at the moment is Opium EdP by YSL. Itís a fragrance that was launched ...

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  3. Environmental temperature on fragrances.

    Did you ever think of the temperature may affect or destroy the fragrance you so longingly waiting. For instance, if I am ordering a cologne from Luckyscent, being shipped to Canada.
    It is coming from a temp. of around 25 celsius, and the location in Canada, say in S. Ontario, it is 5 C today, but in some other cities, it is minus 15 C.
    And what about the fragrances being shipping from Europe, say the cargo is being docked for custom clearance or formalities like that. They will be ...
  4. Battle of the Old School Classics!

    I am new to the BN and fragrance scene and have a question that might be silly to a veteran cologne wearer but my question is.....

    Does Jovan Musk Sex Appeal smell similar to Rive Gauche or in the same category? My girl loves when I wear Sex Appeal and I've seen reviews on RG but have yet to find it in my area.... Can someone who experienced these colognes please help? THNX!
  5. Reviews Update!

    The review section has been completely recoded from the ground up. This is to make them compatible with the new site's backend. The recoding of the site should mean that things are less intensive on the server, leading to less crashing. There is also a new Reviews tab on the main menu so you can easily access the latest review.

    Main changes

    • You can now edit your reviews. There is a limit on how many edits you can have, but you get extra edits if you are a Basenotes
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