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  1. SotD - Saturday the 22nd of May

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    Claude Monet, 1887

    Givenchy III-
    Les Parfums Mythiques

    A gentle but assertive aldehyde that welcomes spring.
    A crisp blue sky and a bright breeze cheers me.

    Top notes include galbanum ("green" notes), bergamot,
    aldehydes, and gardenia.
    Middle notes include jasmine,
    carnation, rose, lily of the valley, and orris.
    The base notes include amber, patchouli,
  2. SotD Friday 21 May

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    Pierre Auguste Renoir, 1883

    Jean Patou - Invitation
    This elegant parfum has charm to spare.
    Rich oriental flames cooled by luscious, edible vanilla.
    The firm touch of a willing partner, gently sweeps me away.

    The notes are lost to history.
    A best guess includes; Bergamot, jasmine, mandarine,
    carnation, vetiver, labdanum, styrax, oppopanax, musk, vanilla.

    Fragrantia lists them

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  3. SotD Wednesday 19 May

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    Un Jardin Sur Le Nil

    A rich and tangy mango drenched in sunshine.
    A cool breeze over the crushed green stems tickles my nose.
    The wise lotus floats nearby.

    Notes; green mango, lotus flower, aromatic rushes,
    incense, and sycamore wood.
  4. SotD Tuesday 18 May

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    Jim Dine

    Mazzolari - Vetiver

    Sensuous floral and vetiver that calls to mind traditional perfumery.
    The notes are elusive. Citrus, bergamot, sandalwood and nutmeg are certain.
    Possible florals are; jasmine, rose, geranium, broom, marigold and violet.
    The effect is mesmerizing.

  5. They call me girl, They call me Stacey, They call me Her, They call me Jane.. That's not my name...

    One thing about the vBulletin software that we run the site on is that it doesn't allow members to change their usernames. It also doesn't allow moderators to change other members usernames either. This means that if anyone wants to change their username they need to contact the site and ask me to do it.

    Lately, I'm getting several requests a day, and i estimate it's taking me about an hour a week to change usernames. ...

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