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  1. Absence of Memory

    Okay, the days go much faster as we grow older. Or so it seems.
    Lately I have been pondering about the earliest 'Scents' that I can remember.
    Was it the smell of ozone after my first childhood thunderstorm?
    The salt air blowing through the windows of my Father's car when we were approaching the Jersey shore?
    My mother's perfume?
    The absence of my memory in this area has troubled me greatly.

    After weeks of mind sieves and tainted memories, the ...
  2. FB Challenge

    I've been trying so many different samples lately! While it's nice, I'd like to give my FBs the same amount of love and keep educating my senses not only in terms of breadth but in terms of depth as well.

    So, dispersed with the sample trying, I'd like to institute a 3 Day FB challenge: unless I'm traveling, once a week I'll wear one of my FB for three days in a row. Still leaves me with four days for sampling

    I wonder what it would feel like. I usually change ...
  3. SotD Wednesday 28 April

    Here, two days in a row I'm wearing male fragrances. Paul Smith yesterday and Aquaba today. I think I wear it gracefully! It's very nice. I'm not sure about cognac in the top notes, but lemon I can definitely go for, in fact, sometimes there's a hint of pineapple. Sandalwood gets sweet on both me and my husband, with a nice hint from leather. I haven't tried many fragrances with leather, but this one is nice and I think I wear it with grace.

    Quote Originally Posted by Warum View Post
    I'm in Aquaba for men today. My husband
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  4. SotD Wednesday 28 April

    Quote Originally Posted by kumquat View Post

    Merry-Joseph Blondel, 1830

    Chanel - No. 19

    Proud green galbanum charges ahead
    to meet subtle iris and husky leather.
    A gentle musk is not far behind.
    Elegant emerald tones of glorious green
    and bright sunny days, waft as in a dream.

    Chanel No. 19 includes notes of galbanum,
    hyacinth, neroli, bergamot, jasmine, rose, lily of the valley,
    iris, vetiver, sandalwood,
  5. SotD Tuesday 27 April

    Quote Originally Posted by Warum View Post
    I'm off a lilac kick for now and I'm actually trying my husband's Paul Smith Story which was intriguing me for a while. It's so green! I cannot pull it off as lovely as he does, but I wonder how it would be layered with other fragrances... pity I'm not at home and can't experiment!
    Yep, Ma Griffe which is just not green enough in my bottle or Lancome Climat come to mind as good candidates for layering.