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  1. More samples

    Thanks to our gracious C Rose, I just got 9 new samples while only expecting 1. This is the fourth time this happened! You BNers are too damn nice. Someday I will be able to return the favor! Just wait.. just wait.
  2. Money doesn't buy good taste...

    Found this while reading reviews on Luckyscent, cracked me up.

    "...Money doesn't buy good taste and fragrance can't cover up up the stench of snobs."

    – Quote by Anonymous
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  3. Pitter Patter...

    Cold rainy weather always make for perfect days to try scents, especially if it's a Sunday morning. Sampled the Van Cleef & Aprels Collection Extraordinaire on my wrist and snuggled back under the covers, bliss.

    Tags: rain, weather
    Musings , Diary
  4. My New Iris

  5. Layering with Bal a Versailles

    I just blind-bought a mini of BaV at a junk/antiques/curios shop. I loved the fragrance, and was amazed by its legendary longevity. Then, I started experimenting with layering. I started with Jazz, because I think it is a related fragrance. The result was impressive, the two frags fitting together to make something bigger than both. I was not surprised to find it was lingering on my arm for most of the next day. Then, I decided to try another YSL, Opium pour Homme. This didn't work nearly ...

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