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  1. Yearning

    I felt this sudden pang of longing for early spring, that smell of snow melting, damp soil, cold, crisp air and last year's grass all wet, longing for early spring and wearing Le Temps d'Une Fête.

    There is a part of fall that is akin to early spring, the same sharpness in the air, the same smell of earth and similar flowers, too - late fall-blooming bulbs like colchicums, autumn crocus, even autumn snowdrops. I should probably have a go at Le Temps d'Une Fête one day, when the weather ...
  2. Creed

    by , 3rd November 2010 at 11:58 AM (I have 5 frags that i really like is it still too much?)
    I am a big fan of bdp and imperial, have been wearing Creed fragrances for about 10 years now. I will begin by saying that Julio's review nyfragance blog on youtube about bdp is extremly bias, saying it smells hot and label it with negative comments like an old man in a sauna is a bit much. I do agree it is not for younger people but bdp is one of creeds most well put togeather fragrance especially the drydown. He does great reviews but this one he is way off to say the least!. Love Dynamite Denis ...
  3. All reviews are now approved...

    If you've submitted a review to Basenotes over the last year, you may notice that sometimes it takes a loooong while to get them approved (some were waiting about 4 months). Well, anyone that has submitted a review before this blog post, should find it on the site tomorrow.

    I'm going to try and keep on top of them now, but the trouble is - when you're a one man outfit*, when you're doing one thing, you aren't doing something else.

    * Not strictly true, we have some lovely ...
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  4. Swan Song

    Today something sort of big in my little perfume world happened; I made the decision to cut loose Tocade. It's not the first downsize I've made, but it is the biggest.

    At the beginning of summer I decided to do some streamlining, as I wasn't excited about much of my summer wardrobe and couldn't justify fluffing it up when I had over-half full bottles of stuff I liked but did not love lying around. So I went after the fruits of last summer's vintage bender and sent some obscure ...
  5. Another love has died... RIP Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan

    I mentioned a while ago that major dietary changes seem to have completely screwed up my skin chemistry and rendered many of my old HG / faves obsolete. Now I have way too much perfume to just go out and buy more but sadly I am far from my collection at the moment so do need to choose alternatives.

    Anyway, the dietary changes were:

    Cut out 90% processed sugars
    Cut out all dairy products
    Cut out egg and egg protein containing foods - including egg lecithin

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