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  1. SOTD Thursday 10 JUNE 2010

    Quote Originally Posted by kumquat View Post

    Marc Chagall, 1913

    Lubin - Nuit de Longchamp
    Dusky aldehydes meld with soft florals and gently soothe the soul.
    Is there such a thing as an intellectual perfume?
    This scent seems to open up the mind to new possibilities.
    I feel crisp, sharp and agile as a cat in a window!

    Top notes are nutmeg, Sicilian bergamot,
    Tunisian orange blossom and cardamom;
    middle notes are iris,
  2. S O T D wednesday June 9th 2010

    Quote Originally Posted by Warum View Post
    I will be almost a recluse, locked up at home for several days to do a lot of grading, so I can experiment with fragrances!
    Today it was Asja by Fendi on one arm and Guerlain L'Instant on the other.
    I had fun comparing them, they are both honeyed orientals (L'Instant listed as a floriental and Asja as oriental), and while Asja puts forth a soft cloud of decidedly natural aromas, L'Instant has a pointed hard edge, and yes, I can see how one may be finding it synthetic. Do I like it
  3. S O T D wednesday June 9th 2010

    Quote Originally Posted by kumquat View Post

    Estée Lauder - Azurée
    Tangy-green, squinting light, I blink and breathe.
    Rippling ruffles, squawk and fly. Stretch those wings!
    Fresh; this color is sublime!

    Notes that feel right to me from internet sources:
    top notes of aldehydes, bergamot, and gardenia;
    heart of jasmine, cyclamen, ylang ylang, and orris;
    base of patchouli, leather, oakmoss, amber, and musk.


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  4. Essential Oils and perfuming equipment

    I'm looking to start making my own perfumes commercially, can anyone recommend a good supplier of essential oils and equipment.


    Leigh Thomas
  5. S o t D - Tuesday, June 8, 2010

    "And there was evening and there was morning, a second day."

    I started with A La Niut by Serge Lutens, and was immediately overcome by its beautiful jasmine. I love jasmine since I was a little kid, but for some reason this perfume does not bring the same memories as Alien did (even though A La Nuit is a much truer jasmine). So, here's a challenge for me: this is obviously not "THE jasmine scent" - even certain different bushes will smell differently, or the ...

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