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  1. Thoughts on Natural Perfume Design

    The Mystery of Musk project has given me much food for thought...especially about the challenges we face designing with naturals.
    So I thought I'd share a few of them with you....

    Botanical or Natural Perfumery is very different from conventional perfumery.

    There is the more obvious point that we use natural ...
    Tags: design, natural
  2. MUSK 4 ME This should be my car tag!

    I have been wearing various types of Musk since I was 15 years old (40 years ago)!! It is the sultriest, sexiest, most alluring fragrance one can wear! I am impatiently awaiting the judging of this project and looking forward to the interpretations!! Good Luck to all!
  3. Comparing Perfumes That Seem "Similar" — from a reply to a thread

    [The original poster asked whether two perfumes weren't very similar because the two fragrances had a particular dominant note in common. Here's my reply:]

    Jubilation XXV
    certainly is a good quality scent. I wouldn't say that B-Men wasn't, but frankly, when I sniffed it a long time ago, it left me so blasé that I barely recall what it smelled like.

    What I would like to suggest for making interesting comparisons is the idea that having notes in common doesn't always make
  4. Recent discovery and some disappointment!!!!!

    i just got to know tht UNGARO III made 3 versions or reformulations andi got the latest one in black box..though no complaints from that one and i still love it but i wanted the second version or atleast thats what i ordered but i got so excited that i used this one and now even if they do have it they wont exchange it.. i 'll keep this one anyway but have requested them to arrange both II and the ORIGINAL III..let see...
  5. A Day of Extreme Sniffing in NYC

    Monday 7/26, my husband, daughter and I took the train to NYC to see the MoMA and afterward smell perfumes that interested us. Time was limited but we filled it well!

    This was not going to be extensive testing and analysing of perfumes-- it was more like process-of-elimination sniffing, and mostly on paper blotters. We hoped to find a few perfumes we liked enough to test further on skin and possibly buy at a later date. I don't like to buy a perfume until I've worn it several ...

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