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  1. a really big day

    decided to buy miniatures so i quit blowing my wad on blind buys
    if i'm saving 60% or more, i tend to just buy "the big one"
    doesn't always work out for me

    so day before yesterday i got my
    and bvlgari blv notte

    haven't put on the boucheron yet
    but last night was the blv notte
    which i adored, but will not be buying
    and the prada today, which i MAY

    but in the meantime ...
  2. Craving - The X Factor

    Perfumer: Ambrosia of Perfume By Nature. Sydney, Australia

    My package arrived all the way from Australia, intact. Ambrosia certainly presents her perfumes with flair and my sample of ‘Craving’ came in a soft leather like green pouch and 2 printed cards.

    The name of this fragrance is very fitting …believe me.

    Notes: Cocoa absolute, roasted nuts, caramel, hyraceum , ambrette seed, Australian sandalwood, ...

    Updated 1st July 2010 at 04:39 PM by Mimi Gardenia

    Tags: musk
  3. Most Worn in June? + 2nd Quarter

    Yay, this is the first month I stuck to keeping track of all my wears! Whoo hoo!
    Quote Originally Posted by Warum View Post
    I almost started this thread yesterday, but worked instead and kept checking if someone else did
    June 2010 was the first month I really stuck to it, keeping track of everything I wore and sampled.

    The results stunned me. I am officially calling my June 2010 "A Month of Sampling Feast" -- I wore 52 different scents in June!!! Some wearings were "researchy" kinds --
    Tags: caron, dsh
  4. Graines de Paradis - Paradise Regained

    Perfumer- Nicholas Jennings of Sharini Parfums ,France

    I have reviewed this fragrance previously, in its higher strength of 16 % concentration. I am not sure, but perhaps this new sample I received, is of Eau de Toilette strength. I was told there were two versions.
    I received a detailed leaflet with an overview, notes and a scent description. This new sample came beautifully presented nestled with dried rosebuds in an organic cotton pouch- a lovely touch. You can see ...

    Updated 1st July 2010 at 06:53 AM by Mimi Gardenia

    Tags: musk
  5. Verdigris - True Green


    Are You Ready For A Truly Green Scent?

    One of my favorite lines in a movie is the one we all recall from Jack Nicholson, in "A Few Good Men".

    "You can't handle the truth!"

    There are many times I want to use this line - not in the sense of the strawman villainy of the movie, but in routine cases where ...
    Tags: green, musk

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