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  1. SOTD - Sunday, 25 July 2010

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    Caron - Fleurs de Rocaille
    (Rockgarden Flowers)

    Fairytale colors strewn along a glorious path,
    I am lead to a bright stream that cools my feet.
    So many flowers it's impossible to choose.
    The amber and sandalwood encompasses them all
    in a sunny glow that displays their finery.

    Created by Ernest Daltroff, in 1934 in USA.
    This is vintage parfum.
    A floral fragrance with notes;

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  2. Got my first, "Oh, Baby. That is too much..."

    Oh dear, my deepest fear. As if it isn't enough to have a best friend who is "allergic" to perfume--says it gives her migraines--I have heard dreaded words out of the mouth of my most beloved, my sweet hubby. I think we were on the border of a problem when I first brought home a sample of Creed's Jasmine Imperatrice Eugenie. That is, I could almost literally see him holding his tongue. I could tell it was "too much" for him. But he didn't actually VERBALIZE it. Then.
  3. Zahras=Worth the Wait!

    My test case purchase of a 6ml bottle of Rose Taifi arrived today. It was worth the wait. (Shipping from Bahrain has never been fast at the best of times). The packaging is nice. The bottle is lovely and the Contents! A true Rose Taifi Fragrance. I bought a hundred dollar drop sample of rose taifi once and I know the smell precisely. THis is it. I abundance. Not watered or oiled dowm,. I can't wait until they add their new services and web Shop! (Around the 11th of August from what i'm ...
    Tags: amouage, zahras
  4. Drifting Sparks


    Like drifting sparks,
    or somebody's photo on the internet,
    you never know where perfume will end up
    once you set it free


    Drifting Sparks

    Molecules of musk
    Blinding brilliant to the nose
    Sparks upon the wind.

    Animal whispers
    In the messages of plants
    Nature ...
    Tags: musk
  5. Dr F. W. D'Evelyn on the Perfume Habit Curse

    The San Francisco Call
    June 25, 1899

    Dr F. W. D'Evelyn on the Perfume Habit Curse

    "Perfumes" as beverages present objectionable factors, both from a physiological and psychological point of view. "Perfumes" as most generally found are simply commercial compounds, solutions of artificial aromatic oils, and bear no more direct relationship to the "flowers" they presumably are extracted from than a "Brummagem diamond" ...

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