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  1. Form follows function

    by , 12th April 2017 at 01:44 AM (Fleurine's Non-Blog)
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    Who doesn't love a good functional fragrance?

    Anyway, The Eau from NIVEA , pictured above with items in the gift set. I am enjoying the concept aesthetic.The little white tin feels niche ... functional niche in that the packaging is overtly clever and design. As is the round, white ceramic purse spray (?) (30ml) which is appealing and quite thoroughly functional, albeit statementy.
    The scent is a surprisingly well put-together MUGUET ...
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  2. Raihaan The Oudh Shop

    Since the year 2013, Raihaan The Oudh Shop has been in the business of delivering 100% agar wood products. Oudh is better known as Dhan al Oudh, Gharu , Eaglewood, Aloes wood and by many other native names.
    Unlike any other Oudh and Bukhur retailer, Raihaan The Oudh Shop began with a different path, swaying it from the commercial grade fragrances that flood the market today. For Oudh enthusiasts such as us, it has always been a point of focus to refine our products and develop them in a way ...
  3. Perfumed Mortar of the Qasr of Ibn Wardani in Syria

    This morning as I sat at my window, reading a recent biography of T.E. Lawrence, drinking coffee, and looking up occasionally at the Columbia River moving along, I reached a particular moment where several of my interests seemed to converg. This involved a passage in "Young Lawrence: A Portrait of the Legend as a Young Man", by Anthony Sattin, on pages 164-165, wherein ...
  4. The World Stockpile of Patou 1000

    by , 6th January 2017 at 05:15 PM (Fleurine's Non-Blog)
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    Well, I'm wearing it today. Madame Mille. It comes as a huge relief since I have been hoarding it for several years and I have more than just the above stash to show for it. I bought a 2 oz bottle that popped up on Ebay because a certain someone, namely Le Mouchoir de Monsieur insisted that it was an "important" bottle...whatever that means....I have a vast stash of the Eaux as well, de Toilette, de Parfum, the works. . It is the scent that Le

    Updated 9th January 2017 at 01:02 PM by Fleurine

    From the boxes in my closet , Vintage Jean Patou
  5. The Quest for THE Sandalwood Fragrance - Finale

    Quote Originally Posted by Mythrol View Post
    The Quest For The Sandalwood Fragrance - Finale!!!

    *warning: this will be a long post*

    How this will work is I have created categories and then listed the Sandalwood Fragrances that I think best represent that cateogry. As you read these categories just add the word "My" to the front of them to help keep in mind these are just my opinions after testing all these fragrances. At the end I will also create two rankings where I put my absolute favorite fragrances
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