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  1. S o t D, Thursday, 3 June 2010

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    Hello Everyone!
    Y'all smell fabulous!
    Seems like I've fallen off the face of the Earth, but I haven't really. Just several out of town all day workshops and catching up at work afterward. No time to play. That's just plain wrong

    I'm in Noa Fleur by Cacharel today. In 2000 I smelled it in duty free and fell in love. I wasn't able to afford anything back then, so perfume was out of question, but I am glad to be reunited via a sample that came from a dear friend.
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  2. A Scentophile's Education: Is There Something We Neglect?

    Advance Disclaimer: The ideas set forth in this post are my own, and do not reflect in any way on the efforts of others to educate themselves about scent! That having been said, here goes:

    When I think about my own journey into the world of scents, I realize how much time and money people must put into their obsession (use another word if you like!) with perfume.

    And then I wonder again. I think there are those who stop there, and those who don't.

    I mean,

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  3. S o t D, Tuesday, 1 June 2010

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    Indigo Bunting
    Frederic Malle-L'eau d'Hiver
    Sheer and cool; this fragrance brings to mind shades of blue tempered with pink.
    The crisp clean air of winter segues into spring showers and a bevy of brilliant color.
    The flowers sing out to their glorious feathered friends.

    Created by Jean Claude Ellena.
    The notes are bergamot, angelica, iris, hawthorn, jasmine,
    honey, carnation, heliotrope,
  4. SotD Monday, May 31

    Quote Originally Posted by kumquat View Post

    Cy Twombly
    Chanel - Eau Première
    A glowing, fizzy reminder of the domineering Chanel No. 5.
    Soft-cloudlike, I touch the ceiling as if
    I am a balloon from the carnival.
    I bounce along until the door is opened
    and I am free in the bright blue sky.
    Gentle jasmine trails behind.

    Notes for the EDP - aldehydes, Grasse jasmine, rose,
    ylang-ylang, iris, amber, and patchouli.

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  5. Love Affair with Vetiver

    Today I'm going to write about Vetiver. I've written about Vetiver before, it my regular magazine column on herbs and on my perfume website, but I thought it would be nice to look at it a bit more from a perfumers perspective.

    It's an amazingly useful plant, as well as a delightful oil, used for it's deep roots and incredible hardiness in all kinds of envirmments to preserve our precious topsoil, as well as clean ...

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