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  1. 1911 - HOW TO USE PERFUME, Part 1

    The Washington herald. (Washington, D.C.) 1906-1939, December 31, 1911, MAGAZINE SECTION


    We of today are indebted to our Puritan forefathers for a prejudice against any sense appeal and yet every beautiful thing in art and every comfort which surrounds life owes its origin to mans groping toward the most refined gratification of his senses.

    Scientists tell us that the sense of smell is the fourth to sink into lethargy ...

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  2. Like Whiskey for Chocolate


    Craving, by Perfume by Nature.
    There simply aren't enough warning labels on this stuff.

    The ne'er-do-well private fragrance investigator is back, and this time he's in real trouble. In addition to his many other weaknesses, it seems he's a bit of a chocoholic, and maybe even kinky for gourmands. Too bad he's about to run into Craving - the Mystery of ...
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  3. Ink!

    A friend who is deeply entrenched in the absorbing world of fountain pens, dip pens, nibs, ink and paper, more specifically vintage pens and ink, gifted me with a bottle of sepia Pelikan ink, probably dating from around WWII. It's waterproof, which means that I can't put it in my grandfather's Parker 21, so I'm on the look-out for nib pens that I can use it with (as well as one of those fantastic rubber barrel Mabie Todd Swans - my God, the smell!).

    Also, I found another use for it; ...
  4. Preview Review of the 'Library Collection' from AMOUAGE - OPUS I, II & III

    Preview Review of the 'Library Collection' from AMOUAGE - OPUS I, II & III

    I was lucky enough to be in New York for the AMOUAGE party on the first and the ScentBar party on the 10th and having recieved all three as gifts the least I can do now is write a preliminary impression of each.

    OPUS I:
    To further the library analogy this treasures list of note read like a passionate botanists wish list of finds on vacation.
    Top notes include: Bigarade, Plum, ...
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  5. Musk Tincture from profumo it

    Years ago, I was able to obtain animal tincture from Il Profomo. The all natural Italian company recomended by Luca Turin. The animal box had civet, amber gris, beaver and the all elusive Must Deer Tincture.

    I still have it as I rarely use it and its not sold any more.

    Would love to share some with a profesional perfumer.

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