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  1. Scent Appreciation as a Process: Sensing, Feeling, Thinking, Communicating

    Sometimes I'm too damned intellectual about fragrance. I'm sure my readers on Basenotes get that about me. Whether they like it or hate it, they probably can't miss it.

    There have been occasions when I have spent a lot of time and thought on trying to understand the epistemology of scent. By that I mean understanding how we know about scent, how we acquire and form our knowledge of it. I tend to go on about psychology and the relation between our sense of smell and our ways of identifying

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    Personal Reflections
  2. SotD Wednesday 12 May

    Aaahhh, when will I finally have time to describe my amazing experience at DSH Essence Studio in Boulder?? When will I at least drop my thank-you card in the mail for those wonderful people? I spent such a marvelous time there, stocking up on samples before going on an equally marvelous hike with a view of continental divide... sigh. I fell in love with places and songs, and it's almost as bad and as good as falling in love with people... Anyway,
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    It's an overcast morning on the Oregon
  3. Flowers, Leaves, Rhinds, and Fruits

    (from: The British perfumer: being a collection of choice receipts and observations ... By Charles Lillie, (c.1740) edited by Colin Mackenzie, 1822)



    Of roses there are several sorts, but those most commonly made use of by the perfumer, as having not only the strongest and most pleasant odour, are the damask rose, for distillation, and the red rose, chiefly in buds, for drying, and, when ...

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  4. Do you.......:0)


    I have been on this journey for quite sometime looking for that special fragrance that declares my unique style. We have all been there, you get that awesome fragrance and you wear it for awhile and it works for you, but its still not you. It takes time to find that signature fragrance that falls in line with who you are as a person and your personal style. I am almost at the conclusion that as you grow and mature in your life, you become more aware of what your about ...
  5. SotD Tuesday 11 May

    I love Chamade the book and I love Liu's music and image in Turandot, so there's two Guerlain perfumes that I want to try because of the art that inspired them. I am yet to try Liu (and I think it would be quite a fit since it's pretty rare and I'm not going to Paris any time soon!), but I've already tried Chamade and today's wearing confirms that I love it and I will wear it if I own it.

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    I'm wearing Chamade today, a vintage PdT version on one wrist and a new EDT (I guess, it was

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