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  1. RIP, Alexander McQueen...

    I just can't find any word expressing my shock and sadness...
  2. Chinese New Year Is Upon Us A Week From Now

    by , 8th February 2010 at 08:24 AM (Cologne Chronicles)
    Why did I bring up this 2 week celebration? Well, I just remembered something, while the number "7" is good luck in western culture, it is also a lucky number in eastern culture. HOWEVER, the number 8 is even more popular with us Chinese people. In our language, the number is also a homonym for "wealth". Often certain numbers are superstitious in our culture. For example, my mom would never order anything in 4's at a restaurant. "Four" is bad luck because it'ss a homonym ...

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  3. Flowering Trees in February, and Toxic Fragrant Plants

    California has a pretty mild climate. It varies a bit from north to south over the 770 miles (1240 km) of the state's coastline. Even where I live in San Francisco, about 420 miles (670 km or so) north of Los Angeles, the weather is still what you might call "cool Mediterranean." Our "winter" temperatures here range from the upper 40s F (about 8.5C) at night to the 50s F (10-16C) in the daytime. Sunny days can be even warmer.

    So it might not be surprising that

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    Personal Reflections
  4. flawed reputation has proven to not be reputable. I bought 4 bottles of Amarige by Givenchy on Dec.12, received them just before Christmas and my wife opened one up in late January. It was bad. I contacted fragranceshop and they said that I had to eat it since it was beyond the 30 days. They said we could send the unopened ones back if we paid shipping.
    fair? Reputable? pay for shipping?
    Be careful if you buy from them.
  5. Trussardi (1982) fragrance sketch

    Trussardi for women: a classic and sharp chypre floral.

    Trussardi opens with a loud fizzy sherbet tapering into an intense smokey, leathery scent melding gunpowder, ambery warmth and spicy sharpness. The aldehyde/green herb/hyacinth/bergamot/galbanum/spicy coriander top notes explode straight through a soft floral heart, and the masculine leather and styrax notes that brace them eventually dry ...

    Updated 27th March 2010 at 05:10 PM by basenotarist

    Tags: chypre, trussardi

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