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  1. Part 1: The Naturalist - Effects Of Seeds Plants Perfumes &c.

    (from: The Mirror of literature, amusement, and instruction, Volume 30, 1838)

    The Naturalist
    By MLB Author of Quite Good Enough &c.

    The reader has no doubt heard of the existence of a fever called hay fever attacking delicate persons during the harvest of that fodder. Herodotus informs us that the Scythians became intoxicated by inhaling the vapour from the seeds of a kind of flax and medicine has observed ...

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  2. Notes From Recent Tours - Cologne and Bonn

    (from: The Mirror of literature, amusement, and instruction, Volume 26, 1835)

    Nothing, perhaps, appear more singular to the stranger, on entering the town, than the number of establishments for the sale of that, according to their account, universal panacea—Eau de Cologne; each professing to have no connexion with the other, but all conducted under one name—that of the renowned and apparently everywhere present Jean Marie Farina. Some are undoubtedly branches of the parent tree—chips ...

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  3. SotD Monday 3 May

    Quote Originally Posted by kumquat View Post

    Bond - Eau de New York
    Snappy citrus and rich neroli are reminders
    of the sparkle and life in the resilient city.
    A cheerful scent that fortifies as I rush about my busy day.

    Eau de New York was released in 2004.
    The fragrance was created by nose Vera Vanore of Robertet,
    with notes of grapefruit, mandarin, bergamot, petit grain, fresh greens,
    neroli, gardenia, cyclamen, white
  4. How To Buy Perfume For A Lady: Where To Go From Here

    (From Kiplinger's Personal Finance Dec 1954)

    Dress, occasion and whim can all affect a lady's mood, and also her preferences in perfume. Very rarely will a perfume be suitable in every setting. So don't buy an oriental and expect to whiff it over a lunch table. Or an aldehyde and hope to detect it on a bowling date.

    The sales clerk can be a big help. Tell her the type of perfume you have in mind. But before you buy, do these things.

    Describe the girl. ...

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  5. How To Buy Perfume For A Lady: How To Choose The Right Fragrance

    (from Kiplinger's Personal Finance Dec 1954)

    Use your head as well as your nose when you choose a perfume. Remember that a woman likes perfume for the same reason she likes a dress that looks pretty on her: it adds to her charms and builds up her ego.

    The secret is to match the scent to the girl's taste. There are two ways to do this. The obvious one is to determine—preferably by discreet inquiry—what her favourite scent is, and then proceed from there. But ...

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