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  1. Creed Original Vetiver Is My Second Serious Cologne

    For 10 years I wore Allure Homme by Chanel, intermingled here and there with the occasional bottle of Platinum Egoiste. I considered Allure to be my signature scent, which in retrospect feels quite unoriginal. Having attended high school in the later half of the 1990s, and college in the earlier years of the Naughts, I suppose it makes sense - Allure was all class in 1999, and continued to be credibly so until only a few years ago. I still consider it to be a fine fragrance, and one that I will ...
  2. SotD Sunday 4 April

    Quote Originally Posted by kumquat View Post

    John Singer Sargent, 1886

    Serge Lutens - Un Lys

    A stunning soliflore of dramatic proportions.
    Much as the lily in the garden; it jumps forward and stays there.
    Enhanced by supporting players; sandalwood, vanilla
    and the green tang of surrounding leaves, the lily rules supreme.
  3. SotD Saturday 3 April

    Quote Originally Posted by kumquat View Post

    Claude Monet, 1900

    Jean Patou - 1000

    A magnificent tumble of flowers gently falls.
    Osmanthus takes the stage. Slightly green, never too sweet.
    I am enchanted.

    Alternatively 'Mille'; created by Jean Kerléo; a rich floral-bouquet fragrance with
    top notes of bergamot, tarragon, angelica, damask rose and osmanthus;
    heart notes of jasmine de Grasse, violets, orris and Californian
  4. SotD Friday 2 April

    Quote Originally Posted by kumquat View Post

    Chanel - 31 Rue Cambon

    An intriguing blend of bergamot, florals, amber,
    moss and musk. The scent is sometimes fleeting
    but when it appears to have gone, it whispers again.
    A teasing ruffle as a feather in the wind.
    I must find a party to attend. I feel like dancing.
  5. L'Heure Bleue, finally!

    I have a problem with heliotrope in fragrance. Anise is a difficult note for me, too - I often like it on others, but not myself, while heliotrope just makes me take a cautionary step backwards either way. Hence, I suspect, my troubled history with L'Heure Bleue, which used to make me recoil in horrified fascination from the scent strip, literally. I have yet to put it on my skin. It was my fragrant nemesis for years.

    I kept going back every once in a while to try it again, of course, ...

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