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  1. "I really like you...but I don't think this is going to work out."

    There were a few threads talking about what was the first fragrance you've ever fallen in love with and what have you. Or threads about holy grails that I've read in the past. Spray brought up something interesting about how he's never had a fragrance "wow" him and 99.9% of the stuff he's smelled was just "nice." I totally felt this way for a long time. What I'm about to say will probably get me hanged around here or something. LOL.

    Nothing has wowed me. At least ...
  2. Versus

    No, I'm not talking about that long forgotten Versace line. I'm talking about the abundance of "vs." threads. I've seen more and more of these posted lately where similar fragrances are pitted against each other in an olfactory death match. Cool Water vs. Green Irish Tweed, A*Men vs. Pure Coffee vs. Pure Malt, Iron Man vs. War Machine. Okay, the last one is a topic on two similar Marvel Comics super heroes, you get the point. Not to mention numerous polled threads on two fragrance that ...
  3. Some Arab Contributions to Perfumery

    The contributions of many cultures are joined together in the modern art of the perfumer; but taken all in all, a rather large number of important contributions to the art of perfumery can be traced to Arab and Islamic history, science, and commerce.

    Let us consider some contributions by category: The discovery and collection of (and commerce in) aromatic materials; the development of technological refinements in perfume making; and the concepts of standardization and marketing or perfumes.

    Updated 11th March 2010 at 10:07 AM by JaimeB

    The Fragrance Industry , The Art of Perfumery , Perfume History
  4. Scent: A Mental Journey

    Now, as years seem to pass more quickly and the sentiment of fonder days settles in, I tend to revisit the colognes that have taken me through life's journey so far.
    Canoe and Wind Drift (English Leather) were a staple during high school.
    Aqua Di Selva was a trusty friend during my late teens and early twenties.
    Mid-Twenties brought more complicated times and more serious fragrance like Calvin (the Original) and Kouros.
    The thirty something years were laden with Antaeus ...
  5. Finally Happy

    During the post holiday shopping clearances, I decided to grab a few wonderful things that I had seen and smelled. The last being Elizabeth Taylor's Gardenia. This was my first blind buy and though I didn't have buyers remorse, it did help to teach me what scents I do and do not care for. When it comes to florals I like them buttery and warm. It also taught me that like a rose, a gardenia can be handled many ways.

    I ended up returning it to purchase Innocent Illusion which I find ...

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