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  1. Hong Kong

    Originally, I would like to invite our friend introduced me to some of the more traditional place to watch a movie, such as the kind of old-fashioned open-air theater games, and the audience sitting with a seat in a row - as is the old people of Hong Kong's earliest and most popular entertainment content, is their most common way of life. But, my friends said that such a place, in today's Hong Kotiffany jewellery ng has been hard to find, perhaps in Tuen Mun and Yuen Long, as in remote areas, there ...
  2. A Guerlain quintet m/f

    Living in Japan is a bit difficult for fragrance lovers because a) you can never get liquid samples and b) prices are very high, even at discounters. I was looking at a domestic Japanese on-line retailier, and I saw Habit Rouge EDC for less than half the (full retail) price I paid for HR EDT. So I went for that, and in trying to get to the free shipping point, I found a box of four Guerlain samples, all EDT: Mitsouko, Shalimar, Instant Magic and Insolence. I would have preferred more archetypal ...
  3. Repost from a Thread on IFRA Restrictions on Perfumers

    Re: Meeting in Brussells intended to make Europe "fragrance free"? See link.......

    I see that Anthony 87 has already done a translation of Octavien Coifan's blog article. Here's mine (quite similar to his, but since I ...

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  4. L'Oreal

    I've been out of the loop in all areas of life since my kids were born in 2006.

    After a blog posted by Atlanta1 I discovered that L'Oreal had taken over YSL.
    Having only recently learned that L'Oreal still tested on animals I was horrified to think that they would be doing the same with YSL perfumes and was glad that I no longer have any.

    On further investigation I was even more horrified to find out that they also took over The Body Shop in 2006! Shocked! Appalled! ...

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  5. Bazaar Obsession

    Its early afternoon in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, circa 1971 and the merchants are in full haggle at the bazaar along the dock. The unfaltering breeze is rolling in off of the warm waters of the Indian Ocean carrying with it the scent of pepper, nutmeg, mint, and burning incense along with an amalgamation of complementary olfactory and visual indulgences. The women are outfitted in the customary multi-colored Kitenges of the region and the rice sacks overflowing with spices seem to go on for miles… ...

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