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  1. CK Obsession

    After having spent so much time and energy on trying to find a bottle of it in Beijing, it goes without saying that I began the set I had just bought by wearing Obsession once more. Upon application, I was thrown back years ago in the past. I wrote this review -currently under review- but as it was my first step into this newly discovered passion of mine, Iíll post it here:

    This was my first cologne and, perhaps, my first blind buy. Being madly in love with a young woman who was ...
  2. My path to this blog

    When I came to China, in the summer of 2002, it was to fulfill this dream I had of studying, at its very source, a martial art that I had been practicing for years; Baguazhang

    More than seven years after having landed in Beijing, Iím now still here and have just recently begun what seems to be yet another journey.

    It all really started a few weeks ago. Out of nowhere, the idea of buying myself a bottle of Obsession for men dawned on me. I remembered how passionately ...
  3. My first attempt at random rambling...

    Well, if anyone happens across this, I did not suppose many...if anyone would read this other than myself, so I am writing mainly as a sort of diary to keep track of my random thoughts about fragrances and probably a lot of other things as I tend to go off subject a LOT. I am a world class rambler. Thats just my explanation for anyone who comes across my ramblings and says WTF?
    I was browsing Basenotes today looking for a review of a Carthusia fragrance, as I had an opportunity to get a bottle ...
  4. A week in review...

    I went a-sniffing last week. Tried out some Summer recommedations, some classics and some new releases.

    The first stop was the Lancome counter. I haven't had much luck with this house in the past. Tresor and Miracle weren't my cup of tea and the Miracle spin-offs were too much like other fragrances I'd tried. I decided to give O de Lancome, O Oui! and Poeme a try.

    O de Lancome - a lovely, soft and refreshing citrus-based scent with a beautiful musky and feminine drydown. ...
  5. Macassar, Makassar, and Macassar Oil

    There was a men's fragrance made by Rochas named Macassar. It was first put on the market in 1980. The noses for this perfume were Nicolas Mamounas and Roger Pellegrino.

    The original composition is said to have been:

    Nicolas Mamounas, Roger Pellegrino
    Leather Chypre
    Top Notes: Artemisia, Bergamot Oil, Geranium, Fruit Notes, Green Note, Pine Needle
    Middle Notes: Carnation, Cedar,

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