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  1. S o t d 15 APRILl 2010

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    Pure White Linen for a full day at the university today. The name and the scent... the name hits two out of three. Pure -- yes, white -- yes, linen -- not so much. To me this scent is smoother than linen, pure white satin of my wedding gown is more like it. Some perfumes have colors for me, and this one is definitely white with a slight blueish tint, again, my wedding gown comes to mind. It's very personal for me, very me.
    Yes, yes, and it is funny how I don't like to wear this ...

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  2. The Osmothèque: A Perfume Museum and Library

    In Versailles, near Paris, there is a school, ISIPCA (Institut supérieur international du parfum, de la cosmétique et de l'aromatique alimentaire), a graduate school for perfumers, cosmeticians, and flavor scientists. ISIPCA was founded in 1970 by Jean-Jacques Guerlain. In 1984, it gained the support of a local French Chamber of Commerce, and in 1993 entered into partnership with the University of Versailles. Eighty percent of the 220 faculty who teach at the school are drawn from the industries ...

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    The Fragrance Industry , The Art of Perfumery , Perfume History
  3. Highland Lilac

    A dewy morning breeze fluttering
    Senses awakened by a heavenly flower
    My youth returning in its petals
    A song of days gone by
    Like the winds of Mackinac
    Dancing in June
    Upon the laughter of children
    Sweet, gentle essence
    Reality shrouded in fantasy
    Bringing a smile to my lips
    With its honeyed floral freshness
    An everlasting Lilac
  4. How are they doing?

    My Donna Karan Gold lily wilted after about 6 hours, it's reduced to some sweet base (is it patchouli that becomes sweet on me? is it amber accord? it's a little ambery) but mighty Diorissimo is going strong! It's all fresh lily of the valley right now, they peeked through lilies after two hours, and now they reign. Amazing! It might be another "I can't put anything on because I want to see how long this lasts" experience.
  5. SotD Wednesday 14 April

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    I'm working from home today, so some testing going on. Diorissimo EDT and Donna Karan Gold on each arm. I planned to do it to compare lilies in there.
    Yes, I know that in many perfume websites Diorissimo is listed as a lily of the valley soliflore. My experiences with it were nice, and they involved lily quite seriously as well. Maybe I haven't smelled a real lily of the valley for too long (and grew up ...

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