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  1. Bazaar Obsession

    Its early afternoon in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, circa 1971 and the merchants are in full haggle at the bazaar along the dock. The unfaltering breeze is rolling in off of the warm waters of the Indian Ocean carrying with it the scent of pepper, nutmeg, mint, and burning incense along with an amalgamation of complementary olfactory and visual indulgences. The women are outfitted in the customary multi-colored Kitenges of the region and the rice sacks overflowing with spices seem to go on for miles… ...
  2. Shared Notes, Booze and Perfume: Juniper, Wormwood, Angelica

    It may not be so strange that there are some notes that alcoholic beverages and perfumes have in common. Or perhaps it is. In any case, the three big ones I am thinking of are juniper berries, wormwood, and angelica.

    Juniper Berries

    Probably the most famous use of juniper berries (actually, they are the seed cones of the shrub Juniperus communis) in alcoholic drinks is as the main flavoring in gin. Gin made in different places can also contain any of the following: anise, angelica

    Updated 19th March 2010 at 10:27 PM by JaimeB

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  3. Perfume Recipe - Fruity Santal

    by , 19th March 2010 at 03:42 AM (One Weekend Perfumers' Quest to Discover the World of Scents)
    This perfume is designed for men and the main theme of Chocolate and Vetiver was borrowed from CANNABIS SANTAL EAU DE PARFUM by Fresh. The original perfume to me sounded like chopped with an axe with couple combinations standing out and I didn't like their Cannabis note at all. But it certainly captivated me with the unusual introduction of chocolate note into a dry woody base.

    In my combination I decided to experiment with unusual fruity compounds replacing Cannabis in the heart ...
  4. The Death of a Classic Perfume (terrible news)

    One of the pillars and hallmarks of the perfume world has come to its end. Today is truly a black and horrid day in the galaxy of perfumery.....see link below.
  5. My Tryst with Serge Lutens

    I am having a dizzying love affair with Serge Lutens’s “Fleurs d’Oranger”…
    The orange trees are blooming here in Phoenix and I ritualistically die and am reborn with every contraction of my lungs… My neighborhood and all of its occupants, animal, vegetable and mineral, are unwittingly under the bittersweet enchantment of this hypnotic bloom. It’s impossibly perfect accord is the underpinning to the whispers of spring and everything that could ever hope to call itself love…
    Lutens’s ...

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