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  1. Chypres and Marshmallows

    Over the last year or so, I have researched scents on Basenotes and other blogs. Though I want to try try them all, I tend to get overwhelmed in discount stores with tons of bottles. I tend to be wearing fragrance and the odd Bath and Bodyworks sanitizer/lotion as I work in an animal shelter. Being inundated with effluvia just sealed my love of soaps and perfume.

    I ended up trying Organza, Jean Paul Gaultier and First Premier Bouquet. I had purchased First the week before for a Holiday ...
  2. Recent Enthusiasms

    Today I was reviewing some of my recent purchases going back over the past six months or so. Some of them were restocks of things I already had and was running low on; others have turned out to be OK, but no great shakes after a more careful evaluation. (I often find myself buying things just because they are interesting at the moment, and later ending up thinking they're fine, but don't deserve a place on the front of the shelf.)

    So I picked out seven that did stand the test of repeated

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  3. Basenotes Next Year / Marketplace stuff

    We started Basenotes in 2000, and 2010 will be the year of our tenth birthday. There's a lot going to be happening, events-wise, and website-wise. I'll cover the website based stuff in this post.

    One thing I will be doing is a rewrite of the code to make it easier for members to submit information to the fragrance directory. The other big deal is upgrading the forum software to vBulletin 4. There are a few advantages to this, but also some downsides.

    * The upgrade comes ...
  4. Picture How We Smell 2

    by , 16th December 2009 at 08:48 PM (My nose is growing)

    I posted my own version of molecules-to-nose-to-brain smell recognition in May. I based this new one on Nobel Prize work by Linda Buck and Richard Axel. I made up the first version just using what I remembered of neural nets and artificial intelligence in computers. Doctors Axel and Buck and their students worked more than 15 years to find out what really happens. Obviously, this is the one ...
  5. In Singapore ...

    Ok .. So I've moved back to Singapore. Started a new username and starting all over again. It was tough that I had to decide to give away half my perfumes in Australia and can only struggle to bring the other half back, along with half my collection of aromachemicals.

    I miss my perfume buddy Jocelyn and I miss my access to unlimited supplies of e.oils. But being in Asia means I can get my hands on some real musk and ambergris without flouting the law.

    Yes I make perfumes, ...

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