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  1. The Beginning....

    So here I am, at the very beginning. Eager to relate with you all and share my interests; the main one being perfume of course.

    I'm relatively new with my addiction. The perfume craze started only this time last year, (2009). It was something that felt right, something that I could never tire of. Scent is a beautiful thing.

    I'm not prejudice over fragrance brands. I like mainstream as well as niche, yet I'm only just beginning with niche fragrances. Here in Australia ...
  2. Sometimes It Is Not A Gushing Love Fest, Part Two

    Sometimes you find yourself feeling like someone took a handful of green flower stems and thwacked you across the face.

    That is how I felt when I tried the vintage Vent Vert by Balmain for the first time. It is Spring on steroids for sure. Intellectually, I appreciated the skill and the idea of the greenest green smell. It is the only parfum that has made me laugh. This parfum has an attitude. It tells you quite plainly that you might think you know the smell of green spring and ...
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  3. Sometimes It Is Not A Gushing Love Fest, Part One

    Sometimes it is about bitter disappointment, bewilderment, and betrayal.

    I was driven to write this because of a thread about Guerlain Vetiver. Since I was so in love with Guerlain and I was looking for a great scent for my hubby, I thought, "Why not Guerlain Vetiver?" It had a great bottle and look. I snagged a sample at Sephora. I tried it on and immediately said to myself, "Oh, no, no, no." It seemed too sharp to me. In men's cologne I like Eau Sauvage (it ...

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  4. weird probably vintage dior

    my dad has a dusty bottle of eau fraiche
    i read where it fades so fast for most people
    odd, because it has stayed put pretty well for three hours
    i like it
    but it's weirdly similar in some unknown way to the other two diors i know
    miss dior
    dolce vita
    both of which i tired of
    but both have some similar thing
    i wonder if it's signature to their fragrances...

    if so, it'll be an easy way ...
  5. What Fragrance Cometh?

    Good Morning!

    I'll make this my shortest blog post ever - and also the longest.

    I was so moved by the beauty and emotional outpouring of my fellow Basenoters who submitted perfume briefs - and so wanting to honor and praise every one of them - that I joined them together into a poem by which I can always remember them. It was too big to put here (twice Grant's limit), so I had to put it on my other blog.

    I refer to every brief, although ...
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