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  1. when you don't *hold* scents

    i've tried the diva method as described on a forum here
    it helps but doesn't change much
    i do not hold scents
    the great thing is, i don't get headaches from them and if i don't like them, they're gone completely in three hours tops
    most perfumes leave the building within two hours

    i scrub down repeatedly as suggested
    spray with abandon
    spray with abandon again

    then i can just spray jovan musk every couple of ...
  2. At The Waning Blue Hours of the End of Oughts - A Mini Review

    Amouage Epic and a wonderful Italian restaurant with my husband and son. Beautiful peppery rose opening that lasts for a couple of hours. Then at the start of dinner the fragrance just opens up and gives an "epic" performance of roses, spices...everything it got. Then as we started driving home the fragrance just centers itself into a low flame of incense with a hint of the sweetness that was there all along. Overall, we all ate well and hubby was able to share in the perfume's various ...

    Updated 9th January 2010 at 04:10 AM by DeniDithyrambia

    Perfumes , Amouage
  3. tabu: the realness

    1) reeks of sex

    2) it's a beast and the most cohesive thing i've smelled i think ever

    3) i have a very strong sense that my gf will not like this

    4) a bit like dreadlocks and tattoos in that it's a social signifier
    can't be confused with passing fads and it's not subtle
    weeds out the people you can't be bothered with
  4. Perfumes on My Wish List

    While I do have an extensive list of vintage and non-vintage scents, I do find myself pining away for more scents.

    Parfum de Therese by Fredrick Malle

    When I did a mini sniff-trip to San Francisco, I was able to sniff Parfum de Therese by Frederick. It was no surprise that this is by my hero, Edmond Roudnitska, who was responsible for Diorissmo and Eau Sauvage. I simply melted before the paper strip and knew someday that I will have to break down before the temp controlled ...

    Updated 9th January 2010 at 04:12 AM by DeniDithyrambia

  5. My Updated Wardrobe: Fumes I Own

    Since I cannot seem to update my wardrobe or add any to my wardrobe, here it is below. Keep in mind a lot of these are in mini bottles, inherited from a friend's grandmother's collection, decants, and dabbling of 1.7 to 3.4 oz. bottles. The Lancome is from my foolish days in the 1990s. Some of the Guerlain that have no concentrations on them were part of a salesman kit of miniatures with no labelling as to concentration.

    1. Guerlain Chamade (Parfum)
    2. Guerlain Mitsouko (Parfum) ...

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