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  1. Floral assault

    My love of fragrance has gotten so open that my friends at work are gifting me with their over abundance of treasures. I adored the Volupsa Sake Lemon Flower candle that I was given last year and smile whenever I smell it wafting unlit in the sad disarray of my home.

    However, when my twenty-something friend gave me her mom's gifts of strongly scented drugstore finds, I was excited, but a little afraid. I had heard wonderful things about Sand & Sable and had wanted a chance to ...
  2. prison soap and yellow listerine

    that's what happens if you put on charlie and then, later, when it seems safe (3 hours?); "layer" on some jovan musk


    now i am a brawny inmate biding my time before i hit the yard to pump some iron and check out the newbies


    also, i love this vintage soul
    i have to say, i love smells like i love food
    and though i now appreciate capers in a light cream sauce over salmon
    i still really love a big mac ...
  3. Poppin' the Cherry On My Nose: My Very First Bottle

    by , 13th January 2010 at 09:05 AM (Cologne Chronicles)
    I was 17 at the time and no, it wasn't a story on a zit. This story was inspired by this thread and I figured my post would be too winded to fit in a single sentence. I felt a blog post would be suitable for such a topic because folks, I have a story to tell. I suppose this is a precursor to one of my first blog posts almost 2 years ago (been THAT long?).

    I must've posted this story a million times on this site beause I always felt that the story was relevant as a background to whatever ...

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  4. Sniffing desires

    Currently listening to: Misguided Ghosts - Paramore.
    Eating: Vanilla icecream.

    This post is about what we can't wait to test. That strong feeling of excitement and anticipation leading up to trying a scent that you suspect you'll love.

    I've had a few disappointments, along with some real treasures. I've found a lot of my fragrances through research prior to smelling. Just from understanding what olfactive groups you enjoy and what notes you like it's easy to ...

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  5. The Nature of Opinion and Scent Reviews

    One of the nicest things about Basenotes (among the many nice things) is being able to read other people's opinions on various topics, especially in reviews of individual scents that are on the market.

    Writing is not always an easy thing to do. For example, when I write anything for Basenotes, I find myself checking facts, searching for information, and then going through multiple re-writes before I post. Even after I post, I sometimes discover typos and other errors that I want to

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