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  1. Dirty English: Me Versus The World

    It was fairly early into my exploration of fragrance that I realized I particularly enjoyed a few notes, more than others. At the top of the list was cedar, and Iíve come to enjoy it in all itís shades and nuances. Perfumery mainly uses two species, the Virginia Cedar, which is the sharp, resinous, woody scent that most people associate with hamster bedding or pencil shavings. Thereís also Atlas Cedar, which is a more distinguished, camphorous smell, beautiful in itís own right for entirely ...
  2. My current favs

    I keep thinking that I need to print a running-list of current favorites, to help me choose what to wear in the morning.

    Here's a start:
    * MDCI Un Coeur en Mai
    * Hermes Rose Ikebana
    * PdN Weekend in Deauville
    * Guerlain SDV
    * Eau du Lude
    * Eau d'Ete
    * Escale a Portofino
    * Philosykos
    * Bronze Goddess (as any easy to wear scent)
  3. Out of Control

    Hello. My name is Aiona. And I am a control freak.

    Today, my husband and I went grocery shopping after work. One of his pet peeves is when someone in front of us knows that he or she is going to write a check for their groceries, and waits until after everything has been "beeped" and bagged before even starting to fill out the check. In other words, he's impatient. And so am I. So we have this system -- awesome to watch, believe me! He stands at the front of the cart, ...
  4. did I buy a fake?

    A few weeks ago I went to macy's and bought a new 4.2 (large) ounce bottle of polo black as soon as my old bottle finished. In my opinion, this has to be one of the best colognes I've ever bought, however I'm a little skeptical about the new one I bought. I noticed that the quality of the smell isn't as good as the one I previously owned. So after doing a little research about how to tell the difference between fakes and reals, I learned to look for differences in print quality and immediately noticed ...

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  5. Game: Take your Pick

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