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  1. Payuda

    Hi Everyone

    I live in Thailand. I am Agarwood Oil Manufacturing. I hope, I could share some experience with all of you.
  2. A Chat with DelRae Roth of Parfums DelRae

    I was extremely fortunate today to spend a half-hour or more chatting with DelRae Roth, the motive force behind Parfums DelRae. She was spending the afternoon at Barneys, San Francisco, showing and discussing her six meticulously planned and sparklingly sophisticated perfumes, and dropping intriguingly vague hints about another to be introduced in the spring of 2010. The perfect name, she confided, has already been found, but at this point, even that is a tantalizing secret!


    Updated 18th October 2009 at 11:54 PM by JaimeB

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  3. Corrupted memories

    So. We're talking about Ormonde Jayne Frangipane Absolut, one of my first informed fragrance purchases. I took it on my honeymoon (with one other fragrance) and loved it, wore it to work (loved it), wore it at weekends (loved it). Then, due to an error of packing and judgement, wore the tiniest spray to the hospital where my father-in-law was recovering from a heart attack. My lovely memories are now tinged with those of a sad and stressful time, with the added memory of my father-in law making ...
  4. Muscs Koublai Khan

    hey im Bryce, new to this online fragrance forum, heard about it for years from freinds and clients so i decided to get on here and be part of the discussion and perhaps help answer some perfume questions. I also work in the industry and have for many years so i know a bit about fragrances.

    Anyways i wanted everyone to know from what i have read and heard on here about Muscs Koublai Khan from Serge Lutens gets some attention, i wanted you all to know that it is now available at ...
  5. Oriental Lounge: My Timeless Amber

    Oriental Lounge: My Timeless Amber

    Every once in a while, I simply have to do a straight review. I don't like it. I'd much rather write those quasi-semi-pseudo-literary reviews that just plain annoy the hell out of some people. But sometimes I stumble onto something really, really good, and the word must go out. Besides - I have all winter to work on "Hot ...

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