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  1. Nostalgia scent--Avon little girls' lipstick

    I've been searching high and low (on the internet) for clues as to the source of a scent that I first encountered in the late 1960's.

    My mom once included in her Avon order a small "play" lipstick intended for little girls. In addition to the cover having a bright fun pattern, I recall that the plastic cap had a flat circular piece at the top with a cartoon-like face of a little girl. I think that the lipstick was packaged to look like a little girl, with the covered container ...
  2. I was told not to buy certain fragrance because it's winter-time, not summer-time

    I tested Terre D'hermes, the highly popular fragrance, and had a female friend smell it. She liked the aroma, but told me that it's somoething I should use in the summer, because it reminds her of a summer breeze.

    How strictly should this winter-summer rule be followed?

    For example, the Basenotes award have a category for day vs. night fragrances, but do not have a category for winter vs. summer ones. Any opinions?

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  3. British Top 20 Female Fragrances that Score (apparently) - repost from perfumeshrine

    sweet smell of success for the single woman

    I had to re-post this.
    Very funny, and a bit alarming. but then it is via Superdrug, and the Daily Mail....

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  4. Shortlist Grooming Awards 2010

    Hi there

    I'm a huge fan of Czech & Speake and their signature fragrance No.88 is one of the finalists for Shortlist Magazines most 'exclusive men's fragrance' in their 2010 Grooming Awards!

    Please do vote for them at and go to the voting section to see the other categories as well

  5. White Shoulders

    Have used since the age of 16 (and I'm a grandmother, so you do the math!).

    Years ago, was able to buy Bath Oil - but haven't seen it for 10+ years. Anyone know anything about this?

    Want to buy again, but haven't had any luck finding it.

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