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    Ego Facto Poopoo Pidoo - You know what, it's actually really nice. A bit milky and rice-y with sugary ambrette muskiness. Too bad it barely lasted an hour.
    Ego Facto Prends Garde a Toi - A little too 'Glade Autumn Leaves' air freshener or whatever.
    Keiko Mecheri Iris Pourpre - Not sure how iris this is but it's very fruity, then make-up-y.
    Parfums Delrae Mythique - Ughhhhh the last thing I need is a third FB Delrae but this was really nice: briskly iris yet fruity, but unsweetened, ...
  2. First Time in Vegas Upcoming: Sin City?

    Well, this Thanksgiving will be a little different.

    Our friend the travel agent, who usually invites us to his place for the Ceremony of the Turkey, has decided to host us at dinner on Thursday at a restaurant in Las Vegas. He very kindly found us a reasonable hotel and airfare package to Sin City, where he has been many times, but where we have (for now) yet to go.

    Yes, it is shocking but true: neither I nor my spouse has ever tasted the vaunted delights of the Mecca

    Updated 28th November 2009 at 11:47 PM by JaimeB

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  3. A mix mash of everything

    I've noticed that perfumes created before the 90's usually have a distinct top, heart, and base notes. However many modern perfumes in department stores seem to just throw the pyramid away, I not saying that's a bad thing. But I'm wondering how it came to be, was some innovation made in the fragrance world or is it simply a new trend, I'm searching for the answer, with no luck now
  4. Dry, salty, green skin and perfume selection

    A while ago I spoke with a perfume consultant who sniffed my skin and told me that I had salty green skin. He said that he also had salty green skin and suggested that I stay away from leather fragrances, completely synthetic fragrances and strong spices. He urged me to speak with perfume lovers who might have the same type of skin. Since my skin is dry, I prefer wearing an Eau de Parfum so my fragrance lasts. Do any of you have salty green skin and if so, do you have any perfume suggestions for ...
  5. Helen Keller

    by , 15th November 2009 at 10:16 PM (My nose is growing)

    Diane Ackerman’s A Natural History of the Senses includes a section titled, Prodigies of Smell, “the most famous of whom is probably Helen Keller." In fact, Helen Keller is the only prodigy discussed. She’s also the only prodigy mentioned in the Freeks, Geeks, and Prodigies chapter of Avery Gilbert’s What the Nose Knows.

    Ackerman says, “Helen Keller had a miraculous ...

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