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  1. What ingredient produces an Incense fragrance?

    Since I am not a scientist or chemist, I do not know what to look for in a list of ingredients. Odalisque and Sacrebleu Intense had a beautiful incense drydown. I was amazed how Patricia Nicolai used incense the way that Guerlain used vanilla. Now these two former beauties should be called Odal & Sacrebleu Lukewarm. What is missing from the new that was in the old?
  2. Charmingly cheap! - Guerlain Insolence

    Today I'm sampling Guerlain Insolence EDP, courtesy of the lovely ubu and an embarassingly slow UK postal service.

    This scent makes me smile. It makes me think of Emily Lloyd as the teenage strumpet in Wish You Were Here, with its minxy brazen hussy-ness. It puts me in mind of all those British euphemisms for girls having fun - cheap, easy, the village bike and there are plenty more that escape me this early in the day. It reminds me of the girl in every 6th form who had both the grades ...
  3. ¡Revolución de las Fragancias! (¡NSFW!)

    ¡Revolución de las Fragancias!

    Old revolutionaries never die. They are just reborn as new ones.

    This communiqué was intercepted recently in wardrobe-space. Rest assured that it is being investigated as we speak, and that the subversive perpetrators shall be brought to justice!


    Comrade Mitsouko ...
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  4. I miss my sense of smell

    I have recently been plagued with an upper respiratory infection that was shortly followed by my current sinus infection. I miss enjoying my fragrances. I feel so distant from Basenotes right now because it only makes me feel sad about my current olfactory shortcomings. I miss everyone here in the Basenotes community and really look forward to being back and active here soon.
  5. Newer or "Modern" Chypres: Oakmoss Out, Beeswax In?

    The thread we were pursuing about Chanel Antaeus, and the interesting question of the use (or not) of oakmoss in its original formula (or subsequent possible reformulations) seems to have shifted focus. The question seems to have come around to what the future of chypres will be with no (or much less) oakmoss. Also, another matter has come up: the use of beeswax absolute in chypres.

    The effect of the 1991 IFRA recommendation on restricting levels of oakmoss in fragrances seems to have

    Updated 5th November 2009 at 09:13 AM by JaimeB

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