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  1. Stamelman's book Perfume

    A while back, I got my copy of Richard Stamelman's book Perfume: Joy, Obsession, Scandal, Sin: A Cultural History of Fragrance from 1750 to the Present (Rizzoli, New York: 2006. 384 pp.)

    The book is a beautiful coffee-table book with lots of color plates, from old prints and perfume advertisements to photographs of the same kind of thing. The visual impact of the book is amazing.

    The Table of Contents is also pretty impressive. There are eight chapters covering the

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    The Art of Perfumery
  2. I Smell. . . Like Puking

    In different threads in the forums section of Basenotes, I had seen some women mentioning how their scent preferences changed during pregnancy. And even some men had anecdotes about their female partner's sensibilities during pregnancy. In particular, I remembered how some women found scents that they previously enjoyed to be nauseating. I thought to myself, "How sad!" But it didn't quite click in my head, "That could happen to you, hon."

    Except, maybe about ...

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  3. Reviews et al

    Many of you will be pleased to know that I've nearly solved all the review issues. You'll hopefully soon be able to edit them, have accurate review counts and see reviews that have somehow got lost.

    In doing this, I've rewritten the whole review system in php and am using a mysql database which I should have done ten years ago.

    The last step is transferring all 40,000+ old reviews into the new system, which will either be really easy, or really hard.

    Hurrah! ...

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    Behind the Scenes
  4. 花見、華道、香道 (Hanami, Ikebana, and The Sniffa Way)

    Ayala Moriel Hanami & Cherry Blossoms


    In a Station of the Metro

    The apparition of these faces in the crowd;
    Petals on a wet, black bough.

    -Ezra Pound

    One of the beauties of fragrance is that it is incredibly portable, and can be enjoyed almost anywhere and anytime. I often seek out
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  5. What Does Oakmoss Smell like?

    I'm wearing Zirh today. It's single basenote is oakmoss. I'm noping I'll be able to actually smell this when the top and middlenotes wear off.
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