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  1. I Smell. . . 1985

    Well, it has started. I had heard the stories, and seen my own friends in the throes of it. But today. . . Yes today, I discovered that it *is* possible to simultaneously feel like one is starving at the same time that one wants to vomit.

    So for the past two weeks since I have discovered I am pregnant, I have been avoiding strong smells. I have no idea why. I wasn't nauseous really, until. . . about yesterday, it started. A vague feeling like, "Hrm. Is that reflux? Or ...
  2. EBay BEEF!!

    Anyone out there know about the French EBay ban on perfumes and cosmetics?? It is seriously annoying!!I used to be able to buy perfume from Germany, UK, The USA, and now NOTHING!! Has anyone tried buying on EBay & been refused?
  3. Momentary Passion and the Holy Grail

    Momentary Passion and the Holy Grail

    febreze AIR effects - meadows & rain® (campos y lluvia)
    [some molecules not shown]

    "That said, fabreeze is the shit." -DerangedGoose

    Everything you know about fragrance is wrong.

    Yes, I can see you now, rolling your eyes and thinking ...
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  4. untitled (I never was any good at naming things)

    Two of my most highly anticipated niche samples, Borneo 1834 and Aomassai, have recently slapped me in the face and in no uncertain terms told me that no, we can't be friends, and no, we don't even want to hang out.

    On the other hand, my very first blind buy, Mitsouko, hooked her arm through mine and said, 'Hey, we've actually got a lot in common! Let's take a walk and chat.' So we did. And here's what I learned.

    Three of my five very favorites (Mitsy became a ...

    Updated 26th March 2009 at 04:11 AM by Sunnyfunny

  5. Looking for Best Men's Fragrance for Summer with strongest Sillage and lasting power

    This site has been so great for me, with all of you guys recommending the best Fragrances. Thank you everyone first and foremost for turning me on to some great colognes thus far.

    Okay: so here is my situation.

    I currently have in my collection the following:

    Yves Saint Laurent - M7
    Yves Saint Laurent - Body Kouros
    Gucci - Envy
    Versace - The Dreamer
    Hermes - Terre d' Hermes

    Not a bad selction right? All from ...

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