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  1. What scent is your antidepressant?

    So I've gone from just being uninspired to totally depressed and this has nothing to do with finding fragrances. I had one of those "career-questioning" days at work and feel really morose. What scent would you use to bring yourself out of such a state?
  2. first time at aedes

    Visited Aedes for the first time -- well, am in NYC for the first time full stop! Love how lines are grouped together; I find it more engaging than doing it by "category" as Scent Bar does, which tends to make me forget what I came to the store for. I came there to test stuff that I don't have access to in LA but I mostly just admired the visual displays of Annick Goutals and L'Artisans, and went on to re-try stuff I'd already been considering.

    The younger guy was ...
  3. Feeling Uninspired

    So at present I think I have explored almost every fragrance locally that I have immediate access to. I am feeling a little bored with it all. If I were in a larger city I might not be in this rut but I am not and seeing as I cannot take any trips anytime I am. So resisting the urge to go into my bottles and spritz my way into the perfume equivalent of a "suicide" Slurpee (slurpee drinkers know what that is) I think it's time to get creative. I am going to start collecting ...
  4. Some thoughts related to a recent thread on unpopular opinions

    Some words on the sexism issue, which seems to have arisen in connection with this originally light-hearted thread:

    "Reverse" racism, sexism, etc., doesn't make sense in terms of the basis of this social dialogue because the conversation is about a power dynamic within our society. Men are in a much more powerful position from which to discriminate against women than women are to discriminate against men. White folks are in a much more powerful position from which to discriminate
  5. Dissapointed! Black Oud

    Got a sample of Montale's "Black Oud". I really like the oud essential oil (paste) that I have, have really loved my agarwood incense, so I was hoping for a really oud-y frag. Unfortunately for me, I can only detect a whiff of oud in the first seconds, then it's just a dark, heavy rose for me. Not that I dislike rose, on the contrary, I love rose - but as stated in another review, I can get rose anywhere. Heck, I can dilute some rose EO and just wear that. I wanted more oud! (stamps feet) ...
    I Love Scent! , Mini Review

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