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  1. Heavy Hitter

    Now with 184$ free from the Government (thanks to my grant), I knew I had to splurge I'm getting another one from the state but they haven't figured out their budget.. or something. So I won't get that one until they do. AS for what I bought:

    Samples of:
    Creed's Green Irish Tweed (let's see what all the fuss is about)
    Lalique's Encre Noire
    Paul Smith's Story (I almost bought it blind but I figured I would get a sample first)
    Christian Lacroix's Tumulte ...
  2. Don't let the lot to choose your fragrance...

    ... as it has weird sense of humor sometimes.

    I'd like to share my story about how I let the lot to choose my fragrance to wear for today.

    Actually I didn't wont to make any decision. You probably know those lazy days when even making a decision is already too much work. So, you probably stay in pyjamas the whole day and become just a witness of events running through the timeline.

    I wanted to wear a fragrance, but didn't know which one. So, I did say ...

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  3. From a post to an Off-Topic thread on the Zodiac

    by , 24th September 2009 at 07:11 AM (Jaime B's Blog)
    I am a Libran with a Scorpio rising sign. In the Chinese Zodiac, I am a Fire Dog. Interestingly enough, I have read that Libra is the equivalent of the Dog sign in Chinese astrology.

    I think the Libra profile is pretty close to my personality: basically rational and optimistic, insisting on balance, and being thrown off when things are out of kilter. Also, I think I have some Scorpio traits as well, especailly that thing about sexual passion. (Ahem!) I read that in the Chinese Zodiac,

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  4. short cuts

    Wazamba -- As reported: fruit, incense, resin. Very balanced and a fine incense entry but has a sharp, resinous edge that (while very well-done) powers its monumental sillage to the point where it's a bit uncomfortable to wear.
    Eau Radieuse -- Best lime peels ever. Too bad it's overpriced. The ribbon on those H&G bottles is tacky.
    Olene -- Sharp honeysuckle-jasmine, but it's all top and no bottom.
    Jasmin Full -- Photorealistic jasmine sambac head, very green, also no bottom. ...

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  5. Anti-aquatic snobbery and Psychotrope

    Out of the many posts, this one attract my attention. I believe it is possible for anyone to participate.
    Excellent ! I like it very much.

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