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  1. Why do we fall in love?

    In the world of scent I feel like a 12 year old, just starting to date, asking, ďHow will I know if Iím in love?Ē Since Iím actually 62, thatís pretty funny.

    Some of us have a signature scent that seems to be forever. For some of us the new favorite scent displaces the old, even makes it seem less worthy than we used to think. I still want to try them all. Iím consciously identifying examples of all the main categories and going after them. Iím trying as many feminine as masculine. ...
  2. The NEXT clean, fresh scent

    For the longest time Eau FraÓche was my main summer fragrance. Clean, clear, fresh, aquatic, etc. After 212.. it smells cloudy, bitter, and musty. Does this happen to anyone else..? I wonder what my NEXT fragrance will be that will take over 212. I hope I don't keep ending up with fragrances that make me wonder why I liked the one before it I can't wait to break into that fancy niche stuff everyone talks about. I'll be awesome then and people will have no idea what I talk about when I say "L'Anarchiste". ...
  3. Fracas

    I am just getting started in the wonderful world of scent, and am looking for some recommendations. The one scent I know I love is Fracas by Robert Piquet. Does anyone have any other suggestions.
  4. Thierry Mugler A*Men - The Ten Ton Pacifist

    Recently on Basenotes I ran the first-ever Basenotes March Madness, and one of the criteria for a fragrance being in the running was to have the most reviews. A*Men led the pack by a huge margin, but itís also probably the most divisive fragrance mentioned on the boards. Itís very polarizing, you either love it or hate it. Iím firmly ensconced in the ďlove itĒ group.

    The bottle comes a few ways, either the black rubber bottle with blue star, or the metal bottle which is refillable at ...
  5. 2 M∀NLY! (Part 1)

    2 M∀NLY!

    2 MN - by Comme des GarÁons

    Gather round, esteemed readers! There is something new swirling in this part of the fragrance world - and it ain't what you think! A new scent is taking over at the local fashion emporium, Red's Lumberyard! No, it's not the pig farm next door, although that was certainly a close contender. No - this scent is definitely ...
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