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  1. I need to smell alone

    Okay this may sound snarky but I have to rant a little bit. Sometimes I really just want to shop in peace...especially with fragrances. Usually when I'm in a fragrance department I'm on a mission and if I need help I will totally ask for it. I am always polite, but when someone asks me if I need help and I say "I'm just smelling" I really want at least a few minutes before being accosted or sprayed at again. I know this may sound bad, but I try to convey that I've smelled everything ...
  2. Training My Nose

    For the last seven months Iíve been learning to recognize individual scents. Sometimes I can pick them out of fine fragrances - especially if I have a list of the notes. This is sort of how real perfumers are trained.

    In What the Nose Knows, Avery Gilbert describes the Givaudan method of training, developed by Jean Charles. For about nine lessons the student smells one scent from each ...
  3. Losing my fraggin mind ...

    It started today with Aimez Moi- a total 180! First (a few days ago), it was okay. Then I liked it. Then I loved it. Then - I hated it. I think the brief love stage may have been influenced by some killer reviews- I can be quite impressionable at times.

    After deciding today for the fourth time in a row- most firmly this time- that I dislike L'Instant for its heavy candy sweetness- I decided that Aimez Moi has the same too sweet quality which I find unpleasant. Though Aimez Moi ...
  4. Visit for Women by Azzaro

    Meh. Opening notes were nice, a not-too-sweet incense or woods greeting. Like a nice foyer in an expensive house. Then I was shown to the ladies room, where someone had just used loads of Aquanet hairspray. Yuck. Crikey. You'd think in a house this expensive they could afford better hairspray. I shan't be visiting here again.

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  5. Ripped off on ebay part 2 / Black Orchid

    So based on what I considered essentially a "teaser" of Black Orchid I got a small (expensive!) sampler.

    Wow. Oh wow. My nose has entered heaven. Again.

    My tester is a non aerosol vial. I didn't think it mattered except I saw a whole thread devoted to "how to apply from a vial" I tip the vial directly onto my skin. There's not enough there to worry about contamination. The tiniest drop practically brought tears of joy to my eyes. Walked ...
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