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  1. Baldessarini Ambré - Easy Drinkin'

    (Original post here.)

    While I’ll be the first to admit that for the most part Hugo Boss offerings haven’t done much for me (I’ll also admit my experience with them is pretty limited), I have yet to find a fragrance in their Baldessarini line that I didn’t like. The original Baldessarini (which will be reviewed in the future) was my first experience with fir and pine in a fragrance and is probably partly responsible for my affinity for the notes. Baldessarini Del Mar I just recently ...
  2. Niche Houses and Jean-François Laporte

    In the recent history of perfumes, one of the most significant developments has been the rise of niche perfumery. Let me define this term a little more precisely for the sake of clarity: When I speak of niche houses, I mean perfume companies that do not distribute their products (at least initially) through department stores; that seek to find a different creative inspiration and marketing method from the large designer and mass-market scent houses; and that introduce themselves to the world by ...

    Updated 11th February 2009 at 05:31 AM by JaimeB (Corrections to matters of fact. Thanks to Roberto!)

    The Fragrance Industry
  3. Perfume & The Perception Of Beauty

    As Basenotes community members we all love perfumes and emphasize on the sense of smell. But how many of us are truly guided by the distinct types of fragrances? Confussing...... ok let me make it clear!

    I mean certain perfumes are associated very closely with particular objects, thoughts, perception and emotion that human life is surrounded by. Most of the people believe that a good fragrance is everything we want ...
  4. The Moment of Truth

    I've just had an illuminating BN moment!!

    My fragrance love was long dormant, and actively discouraged by friends and family. It wasn't about preference for them. The presence of any personal scent was intrusive. I was very impressionable and went along quietly, not wanting to impose my fragrance on anyone that might object.

    Lately, a series of dramatic life changes put me in an introspective mode, and I've finally acknowledged my love of scent. Almost immediately, ...
  5. ''is there any similar smelling fragrances to ''bois du portugal'' from creed


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