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  1. Living in the dark ages

    Well, I've moved my family from the UK midlands to leafy Hertfordshire, but it's going to be around ten days or so before we're going to get connected to the internet...

    So I'm writing this on my Mac being tethered to my phone. Its a bit kludgy but it might do the job in the meantime.

    Hopefully we'll be back on track again soon..

    I've some pics of the BN Lunch to upload too...
    Behind the Scenes
  2. McGraw, Unplugged

    McGraw, Unplugged

    In a sense, they're all celebrity fragrances. At one extreme, giants like Chanel no.5 - brands so big, they're measured not in one celebrity, or multiple celebrities, but multiple celebrities over time. Think of the iconic no.5 as having a celebrity bandwidth of 10 Paris Hilton units. At the other extreme, a niche perfumer like Goutal, or a perfumer-wrangler ...
  3. Things I learned at yesterday's Basenotes Meet

    I am not alone in a love of fragrance.
    Lying in a tonne of rose petals is not as lovely as it sounds, largely due to bugs and things (Simon Constantine).
    BNTBTBB do not buy ingredients from any company that tests on animals.
    It must be very annoying to create a perfume for the woman of your dreams, laying your soul and your professional integrity out for your wife and the world, and then have it bought by Britney Spears. Though to be fair, there is clearly nothing wrong with her ...
  4. The Paradoxical Stink

    When I studied learning and cognition in school we studied sensation and perception. One of the things that we learned about was paradoxical hot and cold. This is when you touch something hot and it feels cold or vice versa. So occasionally I feel this applies to my sense of smell. There are some smells that I love so much that if I linger too long with them, begin to turn bad to me...almost skunked. This is not just with happens a lot with my favorite lily. ...
  5. Stalemate

    Sorry I haven't been so active lately It feels like I'm in between 2 places. I haven't been visiting the Just Starting Out cause I've pretty much nailed down what I like.. but I don't feel like I have enough experience to post in the main Fragrance Discussion. Oh well..

    In other news I received my samples of Dolce & Gabanna - By Man, Viktor & Rolf - Antidote, and Narciso Rodriguez for Him. I gave them a quick try last night and they all seemed really good except for Narciso ...

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