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  1. Things to do

    Sometimes it seems all I do is write lists. Then rewrite them. Then write them somewhere else. In my filofax. In a pad. On my Mac.

    Then there are lists that aren't lists really. Like all the starred emails in gmail. Like the folders (both real and computer-based) that are full of stuff to add to the directory.

    I can't seem to get organized. I've tried various apps to help (see Things, Remember the Milk, Omnifocus, Toodledo, the much-missed I Want Sandy - and so many ...

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    Behind the Scenes
  2. From cigarettes to perfume addiction

    I was always in love with perfumes ... but i was a very ordinary guy who doesnt care too much about what i really apply or what are the story of perfumes .... my obsession about fragrances actually started when i quit smoking .....

    i quit smoking couple of months ago and i decided to replace that bad habit with something that is beatiful and i wanted to reward myself for quitting smoking ....

    i decided to buy a new bottle of perfume with the money i used to buy cigarittes ...
  3. A conspiracy from outer space. Also, youíre drunk.

    Iíve yet to figure out why, or how, this works, but itís happened enough times over the past few months that I can only assume the worst. By the worst I of course mean that aliens are remotely turning off the hot water when I decide to wash my hair. EVERY SINGLE TIME! What is that? I can be in the shower 5 seconds or half an hour, whenever I say to myself ďWhy donít I wash my hair?Ē I get a reply from a superior lifeform, observing from the Oort Cloud. Observing as my concern turns to irritation ...
    Deep Thoughts
  4. MPG Santal Noble - doubleplusungood

    (Original post here.)

    The experiment had to start somewhere really. The package from Luckyscent arrived and all 14 samples were nice and intact. Not knowing where to start, and not wanting to contaminate the thought process by favoring one right off the bat, Iíve been using a random number generator to decide my fragrances for me out of the samples. The very first one? Santal Noble by MaÓtre Parfumeur et Gantier. This one was initially picked completely on a whim. I remembered hearing ...
  5. Caesars Man - Nuclear Freaking Deathbomb

    (Original post here.)

    Ah, Caesars Man. You were almost my first online purchase, almost. Especially at $11 for a big olí 4.0 oz bottle. And in your immediate defense, you donít sound all that bad, with notes of Lime, Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Amber, and Musk. Imagine my joy when I spot you at the local TJ Maxx. $9.99 for the same 4.0 oz bottle! Iím sold!

    And thatís where it all went wrong.

    Of course, I canít be too much of a prick about this, at $2.50 an ...

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