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  1. I'm asking for computer help :(

    Something weird is going on about a month ago i couldn't start and threads when I tried to submit a thread my computer said

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 35 bytes) in /home/basenot2/public_html/community/includes/functions_search.php on line 196

    but the odd thing is I could still post to existing threads just not start them

    it went away after a few weeks and everything was fine but its come back again ...
  2. Blythe's first perfume

    I bought my 19 month old baby girl her first perfume today. l'Occitane's Mom and Baby Water - a fairly uninspiring name for a very pretty light fragrance, with almond "butter biscuit" and "tender floral" notes. I'm crazy for almond anyway, so will help her out as 100ml is a little on the generous side for her.

    I sprayed it on after her bath, a spray to her tummy and one to her hair, and she was so happy and giggly. She always snuggles in to smell my perfume. She's ...
  3. Lislís World

    by , 7th September 2009 at 06:36 PM (My nose is growing)

    Speculation Alert! Iím trying to put myself inside my dongís head, to understand how she understands the world through smell. This is mostly an act of imagination. Iíve lived with dogs for the last 30 years. Iíve read about how much better their sense of smell is than ours. Yet Iíve noticed that Lisl has no interest in any of the fragrances my wife and I wear. Why, I wonder?

    You donít ...
  4. Good Day to You

    Well today was fun! I got a lot of college work done.. and got to go to Sephora's again I also found out I'm going to King of Prussia (Nordstrom's AND Bloomingdale's are there) as well as Rockaway Mall which has Perfumania. Today I sampled Deseo for Men, Givenchy Play, Dior Homme, Prada Amber Pour Homme, Kenzo Power, Gucci Pour Homme, Versace Pour Homme, La Nuit De L' Homme and I bought 100ml Gucci Pour Homme II. I'll do some quick reviews:

    Deseo for Men: Well.. the sample was ...
  5. Quick list of some vintage scents

    Gelle Freres:
    - Aubepine
    - Chypre (sweet green scents, fresh, guess no oakmoss/vetiver?)
    - Chevrefeuille
    - Santal (a bit harsh at first, then settlels down on skin quickly, very soft and just like the sandlewood soap I used in my childhood)

    on the way...

    - Espace / parfum
    - Sandrine / parfum

    will review the Cheramy two later

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