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  1. Roja Dove's The Essence of Perfume: A Review

    I just received my copy of Roja Dove's new book The Essence of Perfume from I must say I found it a very beautiful book with a lot of good information in it.

    The main features are: a chapter on the materials of perfumery, including various common synthetics; a chapter on the work of a perfumer, detailing various perfume genres and their characteristics, as well as typical schematic scent pyramids; a chapter on the great perfumes from 1889 (Guerlain Jicky) to the present

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    The Art of Perfumery
  2. Guerlain Lavande?!?

    I'm coming to realize that lavender is one of my favourite non-foody fragrance notes. So imagine my surprise when I tripped across this bottle of a vintage Guerlain EDT known simply as "Lavande." The price tag puts it well out of purchase range, especially for a blind buy, but wow... would I ever love to know what Guerlain would do with a fragrance called "Lavande"!

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  3. I Smell. . . a Paradigm Shift

    One of my old boyfriends was fond of latching onto certain phrases and finding ways to use them in all our conversations. It was really annoying. One of those phrases that he used a lot was "paradigm shift." I had never heard of paradigm shifts before I met him. (I didn't know how to count in binary on my fingers, either, before I met him.) He explained "paradigm shifts" as a kind of changing world view. One example of a paradigm shift is the shift from the belief that ...

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  4. What's So New About Givenchy Pi Neo?

    You might as well admit it. You have a guilty pleasure. Maybe it's the Big Mac. Maybe it's the Whopper. If you're a vegetarian, maybe it's those straight-to-the-hips seasoned fries. It's something you're not proud of liking, and it's probably mass-market stuff.

    Well, my guilty pleasure is a designer fragrance - Givenchy Pi Neo.

    What? Why on Earth would I feel ...
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  5. Has anyone tried any of the Fragrances of Ireland?

    Unable to locate any reviews on the net. Am curious because the Perfumed Court is now selling these inexpensive scents.

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