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  1. Online Perfume News

    One of the most renowned design houses is Paris-based fashion house “Cacharel” a fashion design center is a company dealing in many areas field lines which are secrets of the company to get markets, success and popularity where almost all the other fashion houses renowned all over the world. “Perfumes Colognes” is a business line where lots of successes and unique brands are provided offering new Latest Brands by Cacharel.

    A French designer born in Paris Mr. Jean Bousquet established ...
  2. I'm a slave to my email :(

    Lets take September 10th as a example...

    I recieved 7299 emails.

    Most were spam, which Gmail did a very good job of getting rid of.

    about 100 were non-spam emails, and all required some sort of action. Some I just needed to read or file, some needed a reply, and others meant I had to do something else.

    Probably about 40 of these I could just look at and archive. Time taken appox 30 sec
    each. Total time 20 minutes.

    The other ...
  3. Guerlain Homme - a practical joke?

    The first very short notes reminded me of iris from the namesake fragrance from Dior. The iris vision lasted only the seconds and later I could enjoy a nice glass of Mojito cocktail as it was promised. The resemblance with Mojito consisting of lime pieces, rum, ice, fresh mint leaves and sugar syrup was remarkable. A soft greenness of mint was resonating with a green bitterness of geranium leaf (oh, sorry, it was pelargonium mentioned in the pyramid). That emphasizes a fougère character of the fragrance, ...

    Updated 11th September 2008 at 10:43 PM by AromaX

    Perfume review
  4. Please recommend custom perfumer !

    I have an idea to order a custom perfume ( and resell them in a small amounts ) There are lot of suggestions in the WEB but i can not choose because i do not test what they are doing.Please recommend me if it is possible perfumer who is
    2Not expensive(not more 500 USD)
    3 Who already made perfumes for celebrities or for well-known brands ( it will be easier to advertise )
    Thank you very much in advance !
    my email is
  5. Sniffin' 'n' Speakin' with Shozo's Dark Beauty


    L'eau de Kasaneka

    chosen for...

    All Invited! ♥ Sniff 'n' Speak Saturday, September 6, 2008 ★★★ OPPOSITE-GENDER FRAG
    SEPTEMBER ~ Opposite-Gender Fragrance -or- Fougere ("fern like;" lavender + woods + coumarin + geranium + oakmoss)

    I was wondering which fougère I would be wearing today. I had it ...