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  1. identifying bottles

    I've inherited some perfumes which I cannot identify, and am wondering wether there is a website with pictures? They are mainly miniature bottles. I've tried googling the descriptions and have been to several perfume retailers, but I'm still drawing a blank with some of them.
    Thank you!
  2. 212 On Ice

    Wow!! This is like.. the epitome of what I love. Unfortunately the one I smelled is the one from 2002 and is discontinued.. I guess they came out with another one this year and it's only 59$ for 3.4oz! AND I get free shipping AND I get a "deluxe Men's sample set" .. now I just need to know if I like it If not, Gucci Pour Homme II, here I come! Johnny keeps talking about By Man and how good it is.. I'm eager to see how it smells.. that is..if he gets it. It'd suck if I loved it cause ...

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  3. Fresh is dead, long live fresh: The Anatomy of the Discriminating Manís Summer Scent

    Before I actually tackle the matter at hand, Iíd like to thank Nukapai at Basenotes for putting the question to me, on Twitter (where else?). When I commented that most of my wardrobe was for cool to cold weather and I needed more summer variety, she wanted to know what I thought made a good summery scent. I think the answer deserves a bit more than the 140 characters than I wouldíve been limited to there.

    I believe different people have different criteria they subconsciously rate ...
  4. Time in A Bottle

    I love being able to smell the same fragrances our parents and grandparents smelled. When I open a bottle of Joy, I think, ďMy mother wore this. It was launched in 1930, when she was a teenager living on a farm in Mississippi. Her family probably couldnít have bought Joy unless they went to Vicksburg. Most likely my father sent it back from France when he was there in WWII. My mother wore this on special occasions as a young wife, as a new mother and as an established member of her community. ...
  5. New Mexico, Nuts, and Incense

    OK, first New Mexico; nuts and incense later on.

    I spent a week in New Mexico at the end of May with my husband Russ. (Yes, he's still my husband, according to the California Supreme Court). We had a great time relaxing and sight-seeing (and shopping, of course), as well as an amazing revelation about the cultural diversity of the Southwestern United States.

    We started and ended in Albuquerque, where our flights landed and departed, but we also visited Santa Fe for six

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