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  1. Re: Which bottle made you into a collector?

    I have been collecting (I now realize in retrospect) for a long time. And along the way, I thought there were markers. There were times before I had ever heard of Basenotes that I realized I had stuff that most people had never heard of. There was the time when I first realized that I had already amassed more bottles than most other Basenoters; until that time I had unconsciously assumed that most people on this board had hundreds of bottles!

    But I think the real indicator came relatively

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    Personal Reflections
  2. Unforgivable - My Gateway Drug

    (Original post here.)

    It’s a bit scary to realize that at this point I’ve only been a fragrance enthusiast for about six months, and my collection has amassed to 34 bottles. And probably that many samples. How it started was simple, I ran out of my usual cologne (Polo Blue) and was looking for something new to try. Being the good boy I am, I got on Amazon and looked at best-sellers and took down a list of the top 20 or so bestsellers and took off to Paducah with list in hand. ...
  3. Travel Retail Review Special: Dior Escale ŕ Portofino and Kenzo 7:15 AM in Bali

    I ran into both of these at the duty-free in the Detroit airport, and just had to try them out.

    Escale ŕ Portofino – One of the update colognes hitting the market of late, EŕP goes though the standard citrus top/herbal middle routine, before drying down into a soapy-clean musky base. I don’t think I observed it closely enough to pick out any individual notes, but I don’t think it was really spectacular enough that it matters. If you can’t make up your mind on a cologne, you might ...

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    "The Divatologist Perfume Application Method" Part II

    I don't have a problem with either. Honey, B&BW body spray lasts until I wash it off. You know that stuff doesn't last an hour on most folks. My method works well for me and it may work for you. It's a process now, but it works. Lastly, as if this isn't long enough already, my skin regimen.......

    I shower daily. I use a thick cotton wash cloth. I start off with lukewarm water. I do not take ...

    "The Divatologist Perfume Application Method" Part I

    Oh yes sports fans, it's finally available for all to ponder at your leisure. The infamous "Divatologist Perfume Application Method" is available. I really just wanted to have a blog entry....*giggle* Seriously, I believe that applying a few of my tips will increase the longevity of your favorite scents. It will also help improve the overall appearance of your skin.

    There are those that scoff ...