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  1. Sniffin' 'n' Speakin' with Shozo's Dark Beauty


    L'eau de Kasaneka

    chosen for...

    All Invited! ♥ Sniff 'n' Speak Saturday, September 6, 2008 ★★★ OPPOSITE-GENDER FRAG
    SEPTEMBER ~ Opposite-Gender Fragrance -or- Fougere ("fern like;" lavender + woods + coumarin + geranium + oakmoss)

    I was wondering which fougère I would be wearing today. I had it ...
  2. Oh dear: Bal à Versailles makes me sick

    As a perfume lover I want to get my nose into everything. Meaning that even when I hate a perfume I will try to make peace with it & wear it till I am immune to it's evil. I have to figure out it's mystery. Sadly Bal à Versailles is not going to be one of those that I concor.

    Bal à Versailles by Jean Desprez is described by many reviewers here as an old fashioned classic. Wile I agree that it's very old fashioned & I'll admit it could be a classic I'm 100% sure of the fact ...
  3. can anyone suggest...

    I am searching for an a fairly literal orange blossom/neroli scent with staying power. I don't want to smell like a candle or a "home fragrance", though. Any suggestions?
  4. What Basenotes is made from

    I can't sleep, but I'm to tired to do anything constructive, so I'm going to post a list of all the things I really couldn't do without -- the software and websites I need to make basenotes with.

    Firstly, my trusty iMac. (this one here - though mine isn't always up to these crazy tricks), without which I'd be pretty stuffed. I also like my eeepc, which is pretty useful for catching up with email (gmail) and my rss feeds (Google reader) when I'm doing my full time dad duties.
    Behind the Scenes , Tech
  5. Re: Which bottle made you into a collector?

    I have been collecting (I now realize in retrospect) for a long time. And along the way, I thought there were markers. There were times before I had ever heard of Basenotes that I realized I had stuff that most people had never heard of. There was the time when I first realized that I had already amassed more bottles than most other Basenoters; until that time I had unconsciously assumed that most people on this board had hundreds of bottles!

    But I think the real indicator came relatively

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