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  1. I Smell. . . Better Together Than Apart

    I've been wearing Montana Parfum d'Homme (red box, not blue box) almost religiously, for the last few weeks, and although I could identify bergamot, pine, and patchouli easily, I had a hard time really saying what it was about this scent that I liked so much that I could wear it for so many days straight!

    Well, not too long ago, someone had given me a sample of Versace Green Jeans to try. The notes from the sample card say this:

    "A burst of energy, a journey into

    Updated 15th February 2009 at 01:59 PM by Aiona (added links to Montana Parfum d'Homme (red box) threads)

  2. Rose Chyprée by Tauer Perfumes

    Rose Chyprée is a running title of a new fragrance from Andy Tauer created in 2008. In December he presented it at his Apéro devoted to the Rose. Samples of this fragrance were available during the Advent-lottery for readers of Andy’s blog. Rose Chyprée doesn’t not have its name yet and her future is a bit unclear. Probably Andy will launch this new fragrance, but when and in what form?

    The signature of Andy is recognizable from the first notes – the Rose is presented to the world ...
    Perfume review
  3. Is There a Future for Chypres?

    One of my favorite perfume genres (perhaps my very favorite) is the chypre, characterized by bergamot in the top note and oakmoss and labdanum (and sometimes patchouli) in the base. It is one of modern perfumery's most brilliant discoveries and is represented by some of the finest and best crafted of perfumes ever to find their way onto the market. One of our Basenotes gurus, mrclmind, who worked for many years in the perfume industry, really hit the nail on the head in one of his posts, when he ...

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    The Fragrance Industry
  4. Exactly One Year!

    Well! One year's gone by since the last time I wrote in this blog.
    (Searching ... )
    What can I blame this on? (Searching ... ) Eh, who cares?
    So it's 2009, a new year is upon us and with it comes a distinct lack of space in my bathroom medicine cabinet! :bounce:
    But, oh woe! With the new year comes a distinct lack of space in my bathroom cabinet!

    I've added quite a number of good frags to my wardrobe since last January so I think a good subject for each ...
  5. How do you get into this Industry??

    I love fagrance, and I buy the new and the latest? I would love to be in this it a dying industry due to the economy?

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