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  1. Quest for the Perfect Leather, Part II

    by , 7th November 2008 at 09:41 PM (De Fragrante Delectatio)
    Knize Ten
    I see, I see. So yes, it has a strawberry topnote, which fades after about 45 minutes to reveal the "dry, dark background," as Turin says in the Fall '08 supplement to Perfumes: the Guide. But this dry, dark background is really not something I can imagine anyone would actively want to smell like. It actually smells like a burned chypre, a chypre left in the oven too long, if you can imagine that. The edge comes off this burned ...

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  2. Quest for the Perfect Leather: The Beginning

    by , 5th November 2008 at 10:30 PM (De Fragrante Delectatio)
    (Four reviews follow after the jump.)

    It all started when I realized I wasn't crazy about Daim Blond anymore. And then, I realized that it was the overly-dominant fruity apricot that bothered me. The suede part, I loved. So then, I started this thread to get suggestions on frags that would be similar to DB, hold the fruit.

    To save you (and me) time, here are the suggestions: Cuiron, Cuir Mauresque, Royal English Leather, Cuir Ottoman, L'Oiseau de Nuit, Dzongkha, Chanel ...

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  3. A Cold and Dismal Day

    Those cold, dark days of almost-winter are back, albeit in fits and starts. As usual at this time, I find myself reaching for something warm, woodsy, and peppery. Will it be Coup de Fouet? Even Yatagan? No, today my scent is Flower Oriental. Most peppery scents utilize the almost ubiquitous pink pepper (or its synthetic equivalent). Some, like Piper Nigrum by Lorenzo V., use the black. Flower Oriental uses sichuan pepper, even hotter than the others. Matched with headspace kyara incense (a form ...
  4. Roja Dove's The Essence of Perfume: A Review

    I just received my copy of Roja Dove's new book The Essence of Perfume from I must say I found it a very beautiful book with a lot of good information in it.

    The main features are: a chapter on the materials of perfumery, including various common synthetics; a chapter on the work of a perfumer, detailing various perfume genres and their characteristics, as well as typical schematic scent pyramids; a chapter on the great perfumes from 1889 (Guerlain Jicky) to the present

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    The Art of Perfumery
  5. Guerlain Lavande?!?

    by , 29th October 2008 at 09:28 PM (De Fragrante Delectatio)
    I'm coming to realize that lavender is one of my favourite non-foody fragrance notes. So imagine my surprise when I tripped across this bottle of a vintage Guerlain EDT known simply as "Lavande." The price tag puts it well out of purchase range, especially for a blind buy, but wow... would I ever love to know what Guerlain would do with a fragrance called "Lavande"!

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