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  1. The Journey So Far vol.6

    The next turning point in my hobby/passion/addiction came in 2005, which I later named The Year of Vetiver and Roses.

    The name might sound poetic, but the times were anything but. Suffice to say that I was deeply unhappy due to various things (most of them connected to the place where I worked then) and consequently started to use scents in a different way than I had before.

    Whereas fragrances had been something I wore for my own pleasure, at this point I started to ...
  2. The Journey So Far vol.5

    Just like I had been a long-time fan of Serge Lutens's make-up artistry, I had also been a big fan of Comme des Garçons clothes and couldn't wait to try the CdG scents. In 2003 it was still impossibly difficult to get samples of them, so I did my first CdG buys blind. CdG is the biggest house in my scent collection, but the first one I tried and got remains my favourite: the original Comme des Garçons EdP. I love the way the house has explored various themes in their several series and produced ...
  3. Gris Clair...

    My God... this is the most soothing, calming scent I have ever known, and perhaps will ever know... I haven't worn it all summer, but this evening I was in need of some tranquillity, so I sprayed it on after my shower. The most gorgeous, smooth, superbly blended lavender, absolutely smelling very nearly like an actual dried lavender flower crushed between one's fingers, combined with... they say it's tonka and burnt incense, and I'll agree with them, just because I love tonka and I can't see how ...

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  4. Good things come to those who blog

    Faithful readers of my blog may recall my post about the day I spent perfume shopping in Montreal. This trip included a visit to the L'Artisan Parfumeur boutique at Ogilvy, where I had an extremely pleasant shopping experience, and was assisted by the very knowledgeable and helpful Roxana Alecu. During my visit, she allowed me to sample their upcoming fragrance, Fleur de Liane, due out in October. Well, late this past week, I received a package from L'Artisan, containing a 15ml pre-release press ...

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  5. If Bal a Versailles is Dirty, then I Like Dirty

    by , 3rd August 2008 at 06:06 AM (The Adventures of a Canadian Fragonaut)
    Jean Desprez Bal a Versailles is one of my favorite fragrances. In fact, it and Guerlain Shalimar, are the greatest temptresses in my fragrance wardrobe. I have more "backup" bottles of Bal and Shalimar, always in vintage formulation, than I should ever have if love of fragrances was based on rational thought! Bal and Shalimar are famously rich fragrances targeted at women, but I love them and I think they work fabulously well on me. That makes them my favorite girls in my entire wardrobe... ...

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