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  1. being sick..

    especially sucks 'cause your sense of smell is decreased.
    And I'm tired of being sick! Will go back to drinking daily green tea - not even sure why I stopped!
    Random Thoughts
  2. Champs Elysees


    Today I'm trying a sample of Champs Elysees and so far it smells great on me. Made in 1904 though I'm guessing it's reformulated, this is the oldest scent I've tried. I was struck right away with its crisp cheery edge. Not what I normally would think of as old fashioned.
    (I think many older frags I've tried have gone bad and so really I should few expectations for "oldies." )

    But this is good stuff! Clean, fun, polite, bright, sweet, sparkling, ...
  3. Pets I have known, and the names they were given

    Like many people, I have had a series of pets in my life. Some have been with me longer than others. At least I can take comfort in that none has ever complained that they didn't like my fragrances or the way I wore them.

    Seriously, though... My first was a puppy I was given as a Christmas present when I was six years old. He was a gift from the mother-in-law of one of my uncles. He was a fluffy brown thing, so I named him "Brownie." When reproached for a lack of imagination

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    Personal Reflections
  4. Chanel No. 5


    Last afternoon I received a sample of Chanel No. 5 EDP spray from a kind fellow member (along with several other goodies) and am working on my second wrist sniffing.

    Surprise! It's so easy to love! For me anyway. I was reading the reviews and do not get some of the discord with this scent. Sharp? No. Grannyish? Never. This is sexy sexy sexy. Onto the wishlist with this potion. Mm mm mm. Much sweeter than I expected. Not at all like I imagined from the reviews. ...
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