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  1. Elf's Compendium of Notes 10- Vanilla vs. Vanillin

    I finally decided to splurge and buy a small bottle of real vanilla absolute from India (via Liberty Naturals). I grew up with vanillin, the synthetic version of a compound that exists in actual vanilla, and its cousins, ethyl vanillin and methyl vanillin. I didn't realize that actual vanilla pods have hundreds of aromatic compounds in addition to vanillin!
    The waxy absolute surprised me with it's complicated, rich, and woody scent. It isn't particularly sweet, though vanillin is a dominant ...
  2. I like a Creed. Very much Indeed.

    Virgin Island Water. The citrus opening was everything that I've been looking for - bright and fizzy, and I loved the tropical follow-through and the sugary drydown. I couldn't stop sniffing my wrist, and annoying Mr Hebe by waving it under his nose too (which was tired out from sniffing Eucris).

    I think that Daisy may have to be rehomed to make room for this fun one, she is taking up valuable drawer space for little return.

    Updated 25th July 2009 at 10:06 PM by Hebe

  3. Ripped off on ebay...?

    I realize now it's such a tired old refrain I'm embarrassed to post....but, but. I'm just not 100% sure I got ripped off. Silly n00b that I am, I thought I could get a "deal" on ebay on Black Orchid and Chanel No5. This was, of course, before I had read much of the forum at BN. Anyway, too late, spent $40 for each bottle, nothing more to do than wait.

    So the bottle arrive...from the Ukraine, not from Canada as the misleading ebayer represented. 2nd warning flag, right? The ...

    Updated 2nd August 2009 at 02:13 PM by Bastetcat (put in category)

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