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  1. World Without Smell?

    When I walk through a whole supermarket and donít smell anything, anywhere, should I worry? Is the current crop of light watery fragrances the end of a pendulum swing or just one more step in the deodorization of our world? Iíve spent my work life with people who rarely if ever wore scent. Now that Iíve discovered the range and complexity of fine fragrances, I look for aromas everywhere. Iím not finding many.

    My favorite supermarket is a big one. I didnít expect to smell anything ...
  2. Dear Acqua di GiÚ

    Dear Acqua di GiÚ

    Dear Acqua,

    I know that we haven't talked in a long time. I wasn't sure I'd ever write to you again. I probably wouldn't have written, except that I ran into somebody yesterday who says he's seeing you now. I was really happy to hear that. He seems like a really good guy. I think you deserve that. So anyway, I thought I needed ...
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  3. Sweet as a Baby's Bottom: Benzoin resin

    Baby's bottom? Well, you see, the smell of Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder is due in large part to benzoin, an aromatic resin derived from different trees of the genus Styrax. So if and when you powder your baby's butt, you may catch a whiff of this amazing balsamic resin.

    Benzoin is often called a "powdery" note in perfumery because it really does seem to recall, with a few other perfume ingredients, the smell of powder. Among these other "powder" notes are orris

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  4. Elf Getting Tropical, Will Return

    Hello! Thanks for checking my blog. I'm on vacation in Miami, getting tropical with a lot of gardenia, jasmine, and ylang ylang. It's fantastic! I'll be back shortly with some more notes.
  5. Why do we fall in love?

    In the world of scent I feel like a 12 year old, just starting to date, asking, ďHow will I know if Iím in love?Ē Since Iím actually 62, thatís pretty funny.

    Some of us have a signature scent that seems to be forever. For some of us the new favorite scent displaces the old, even makes it seem less worthy than we used to think. I still want to try them all. Iím consciously identifying examples of all the main categories and going after them. Iím trying as many feminine as masculine. ...

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