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  1. Some thoughts related to a recent thread on unpopular opinions

    Some words on the sexism issue, which seems to have arisen in connection with this originally light-hearted thread:

    "Reverse" racism, sexism, etc., doesn't make sense in terms of the basis of this social dialogue because the conversation is about a power dynamic within our society. Men are in a much more powerful position from which to discriminate against women than women are to discriminate against men. White folks are in a much more powerful position from which to discriminate
  2. Dissapointed! Black Oud

    Got a sample of Montale's "Black Oud". I really like the oud essential oil (paste) that I have, have really loved my agarwood incense, so I was hoping for a really oud-y frag. Unfortunately for me, I can only detect a whiff of oud in the first seconds, then it's just a dark, heavy rose for me. Not that I dislike rose, on the contrary, I love rose - but as stated in another review, I can get rose anywhere. Heck, I can dilute some rose EO and just wear that. I wanted more oud! (stamps feet) ...
    I Love Scent! , Mini Review
  3. Upcoming trip ... leaving smelly friends behind :(

    Don't get me wrong, I'll miss my loved ones too. But this is my frag blog.

    Tomorrow I'm flying down south for a week to visit some long lost family. (Dad, stepmom, half silblings, nieces and nephews, and a grandmother!) :bounce: I'm only bringing one carry on bag to save time, money, and space. SO, I'm leaving my collection behind for a whooole week. It will be the longest I've been without them. Lots of firsts! First time flying, first time meeting these relatives, and first scent ...

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  4. Rance.Le Vainqueur

    Had some le vainqueur bought for me after all the fab reviews.
    Very disappoined as supposed to be edp for men but I find it to be very short lived.
    How can I be sure that it is original and not a fake?
    Have enquired and it was bougt off e bay from Latvia.
    It had a label on the cellophane wrapper that appears to be Russian
    Can anyone help me please??]
  5. Your Life is Supposed to Flash before Your Eyes

    Some say your life is supposed to flash before your eyes when it's your time. Thinking about that makes me wonder how it would feel to have your life flash before your "nose." Decades from now, when I am old and gray, and looking back at all of the things I loved about my life, I want to also remember the scents which marked those moments.

    As my mind searches back, I remember when I was in elementary school and the after-dinner random trips to the drugstore with my parents. ...

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