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  1. Basenoting on a Palm Prē

    Basenoting on a Palm Prē

    I wonder if it is simply because this is a fragrance website that somebody with a Palm Prē as their avatar stands out. People use a lot of things as their avatars, but not many cell phones make the grade - especially around here. I was a bit worried about our friend Stereotomy when he began using a Palm Prē as his avatar. I was especially fearful that we might be losing a Basenoter to those evil things called "outside interests".

    Well, ...

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  2. Sample Angst

    So about two weeks back I had a glorious Monday sampling in the blissfully quiet Cabot Circus. It was the last day of a heatwave, Blythe was snuggled into a carrier and flirting happily with everyone.

    I skin-sampled Miss Dior Cherie l'Eau, Chanel Cristalle Eau Verte, Chanel No 5 Eau Premiere and Daisy. The EP was gorgeous, and I liked the fizzy EV enough to be wondering if I should get that over Malle's Cologne Bigarade. Both are shortlived citrus, but the EV is significantly cheaper. ...
  3. Sephora Trip!

    Blog after blog eh? Well today was quite adventurous! I looked through to see if I could find any fragrances mentioned quite a bit on here and all I found were Guerlain Vetiver, Bulgari Aqua, and YSL L'Homme.. no Encre Noir or Narcisco Rodriguez I can't have everything though! Here's a quick review for each:

    John Varratos : I quite like this one! I tried 3 Varratos fragrances at Macy's around 2 months ago (original, Vintage, Artisan) and there was one I really liked.. this one! ...
  4. The Smell of a Tobacco Shop

    Can you remember when every mall had a tobacco shop? You walked in and were surrounded by the smell of tobacco. It was like being inside a giant humidor. There were shelves of boxes of cigars. There were tables covered with jars of pipe tobacco. There were walls of pipes. And I loved the smell. I canít say why. I never smoked and I didnít even like the smell of my parentsí cigarettes. There ...
  5. Signature Scent?

    Samsara EDT! My first and newfound signature scent- or one of them at least. I like the others in my collection, some more than others. But Iooove Samsara and every time I wear something else, I kind of wish I were wearing Samsara instead. Since I have under 1 oz, I would like not to run out so am saving her for sporadic use. Am already looking for a backup.

    Anyone wanna swap? I'll swap you for just about anything.

    PS Special thanks to the basenoter who swapped ...

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