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  1. Guerlain Week, Day 3: Bois d’Arménie and Rose Barbare

    If L’Art et la Matière had a theme song, it would be “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” by The Police, just because of the title alone. These perfumes make me very aware of how close to my skin I tend to position my nose when sampling: at that distance, they skew horribly out of balance. But when I leave them on my wrists and get back to typing, the sillage that wafts up gives a true impression. One thing’s for sure: the misgivings I expressed about the line in yesterday’s entry have been assuaged. ...

    Updated 21st November 2009 at 04:11 AM by kopah

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  2. Guerlain Week, Day 2: Angélique Noire and Cuir Beluga

    In the wake of the court ruling against eBay in France, today I noticed that all Guerlain perfume bottles have been removed from the site. Only ads and collectibles remain.

    Angélique Noire – It seems quite rich and vanillic from the vial, but on skin it’s surprisingly floral/fruity. It’s an overripe, tropical fruitiness though (pineapple?), almost boozy, like fruit liqueur. After about an hour, it starts to take on a more alcoholic/chemical aspect, like fruit-scented hair ...

    Updated 21st November 2009 at 04:11 AM by kopah

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  3. Guerlain Week, Day 1: Habit Rouge and Derby

    I'm embarking on a testing journey, to better familiarize myself with this house's oeuvre. I know, it's Tuesday, and I'm a day late. To be fair, I did wear L'Heure Bleue on Sunday night, but I wasn't thinking about it all that hard. I'll examine it later on. But I'm starting off today with two offerings for men.

    Habit Rouge (EDT) - Any label that's released a perfume based on Turkish Delight should be ashamed: Guerlain beat them all to it, and did it better, without even trying. With ...

    Updated 21st November 2009 at 04:12 AM by kopah

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  4. Red Vetyver by Montale

    Red Vetyver is the newest fragrance launched this year by Montale. A spicy woody fragrance combining the notes of vetiver from Haiti, Moroccan cedarwood, patchouli, grapefruit, elemi, black pepper from Madagascar.

    Red Vetyver opens with “wet” Vetiver notes reminding me of a fresh cut root or asparagus. Balsamic freshness of black pepper and bitter sweetness (Grapefruit-like)
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  5. Perfumes j.j.coca

    Does anyone know any info re the edt for men.
    I bought some in Spain about 10 yrs ago and it was available in England about 30yrs ago
    It was always one of my favorites,strong,aromatic,long lasting and different.
    I have noticed,to my surprise and delight that it has become available again on some U.S perfume web sites.Does anyone know if it has been re released or has old stock appeared from somewhere?
    I can find no information on the web about the manufacturer or the ...

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