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  1. Epiphany

    For some reason I thought my interest in fragrances was new.. but it definitely isn't. Thinking back I've had cologne around me since I was around 10! It started with American Eagle's cologne called Alive. I quite enjoyed it.. but was a bit too bright. I then found a bottle of Nautica that my brother wasn't using.. and started using that one. THEN I started using my brothers A&F scents. When I was around 11 I started buying samples from the local Wal-Mart. I tried Lucky You for Men, Candies ...
  2. Mitsouko

    Today I am trying Mitsouko for the first time-the newer EDT version. I'm finding it so odd and interesting that I think it needs a blog. Me sniffing my Mitsouko scented wrist all day deserves a blog. One reviewer's comparison to makeup was in fact helpful because I too get a makeuplike note-and I like the smell of some makeup items. Before that I was going hmm ... Alka Seltzer? Play Doh? I don't know! Perfume gone bad?

    It is a very difficult scent to describe. It isn't ...
  3. Vacation Notes 2- Ah the Tropics!

    Got to visit the headquarters of the American Orchid Society today. Their greenhouses and gardens are spectacular. If anyone reading this ever visits Boca Raton, Florida, don't miss it, it's an olfactory wonder.
    I didn't know orchids had so many intoxicating perfumes, and some that are, well, interesting. Several had sweet, powdery, spicy scents. Others smelled strangely like antique roses. One huge purple orchid smelled, well, purple. Its sillage was immense. Other orchids looked like alien ...
  4. Xerjoff 17/17 - short first impressions

    Xerjoff is an Italian brand making very exclusive fragrances. High quality raw materials, rare precious essences and the modern techniques are used to create the perfumes. Sculptured in quartz bottles, embellished with gold and hand made wooden boxes make the dignified packing for those fragrances. More about the brand itself you can read on their website , on Dimitriís Sorcery of Scent blog ...

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  5. Today's purchases

    Just got samples of Jean Patou's 1000 and Sublime. I like both; they do smell like the same designer created them (many similarities to me). My husband says they both smell like "old lady". I HATE that phrase! However, I think I know what he's talking about... I haven't quite identified the note/s that make that "old lady" characteristic.
    I also bought a bottle of Calvin Klein's Euphoria, after smelling it on other ladies 2 days in row and loving it. ...

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