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  1. Perfume suggestions for new perfume addict

    Was fragrance free for close to 10 years due to environmental allergies. Started wearing fragrances just recently and am addicted to purchasing new ones very often.

    Would love some suggestions of favorites. Preference for warm, oriental, woody evening scents.
  2. In my sitting room on New Years Day

    I can smell the Christmas tree. The pine needles have started to fall and the smell of pine is getting ever stronger. Not sure if it really is stronger now than the day we first brought it into the house before Christmas. I had the flu that week and was sad that I couldn't smell the tree. I couldn't smell anything for ages. It was awful. Then I remembered the morning my smell came back. What was the first thing I smelled? Well we have a 2 year old boxer dog who tends to be a bit windy...ok too much ...

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  3. Lionís Den

    Elizabeth is amused that English Lit students canít accept realism without turning it into magical realism in Chicano/Latino narratives. Sometimes a lion is just a lion, even if heís smoking a cigar. At other times itís a metaphor for the male psyche.

    So, is Elizabeth real or is she magical realism? And, what about you?

    (Note: In art and literature lions are recurring symbols of royalty, and chivalry.)
  4. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

    Elizabeth stabbed Paper Towns down through the spine, and threw Deconstructionism out the window to land flat on his back. Wielded her sword (a red pilot pen) in the air proclaiming, "Victory, over you Hermeneutic coward! I challenge you to a literary duel!"

    Whereupon the Immanent Critique responded with a yawn. Elizabeth stomped her foot. Put her sword back in her sheath.

  5. Boxing Day Thoughts

    Well, I guess for most people, Christmas is over. People celebrate the lead-up with all kinds of parties, gift exchanges, and the rest. Once the day comes and goes, they're done.

    I grew up in a different tradition, which I still try to adhere to today. There was no Christmas tree in our house until Christmas Eve, and it stayed up until Twelfth Night, January 6th. The time before Christmas was a time of preparation and excitement, to be sure, but not a time of celebration ó at least

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