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  1. Ripped off on ebay part 2 / Black Orchid

    So based on what I considered essentially a "teaser" of Black Orchid I got a small (expensive!) sampler.

    Wow. Oh wow. My nose has entered heaven. Again.

    My tester is a non aerosol vial. I didn't think it mattered except I saw a whole thread devoted to "how to apply from a vial" I tip the vial directly onto my skin. There's not enough there to worry about contamination. The tiniest drop practically brought tears of joy to my eyes. Walked ...
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  2. holiday necessities

    Off to New England for two weeks and after teeth-gnashing and anxiety about the heat and humidity (I can do heat; humidity not so much) have decided to take decants of a pair of vetivers (Encre Noire, Guerlain Vetiver), two citrus/greens (MetB Green, Jo Malone Lime), and what I fondly think of as fragrant tropical mud, Manoumalia, because for sure that one blooms beautifully in the heat.

    Am wearing Daim Blond on the midnight flight, though. Hmm, cozy.
  3. Alessandro Dell'Acqua

    Nice. The opening blast is reminding me very strongly of another scent I can't quite put my finger on...doesn't that just drive you crazy? Maybe it's Chanel No5, not sure.
    Anyway, I get a strong musk under the initial notes, and it settles into a nice sandalwood/incense base. This is my second spritz of my sample, and the opening notes are lasting a great deal longer this time around. Interesting. Also, I only sprayed a tiny squirt from a sample spritzer, and the strength is fairly strong. ...

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    I Love Scent! , Mini Review
  4. the best fragrance for a rainy day

    Well where I'm at is having a DOWNPOUR

    I'm glad all the mesquite bushes are getting watered (not)

    well anyway I love the mood a good summer downpour puts you in

    so this girl's gotta ask

    what fragrance goes best with rain?

    HEAVY: Hermes Hiris

    LIGHT OR MISTY: L'Heure Bleue

    I Would Love To Hear Your Thoughts !
  5. The Garden Room- Austin, Tx

    So as I discover more fragrance lines here on basenotes my need for instant gratification gets worse and I try to find these things locally before I turn to sample sites. For those of you in Austin or nearby there is a place here called The Garden Room that carries CB I Hate Perfume (not all of them) and Antonia's Flowers. If anyone knows of any other places I need to check out please let me know.

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