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  1. Le Feu d'Issey - Beautiful Loser

    Le Feu d'Issey - Beautiful Loser

    People in the past - such as ourselves - can be wrong about things. It's easy to be wrong. History is filled with instances where good things went unrecognized, or bad things prevailed. Sometimes we recognize good things later, and realize our mistake. Sometimes we don't. When we do recognize good things too late, at least - sometimes - we can ...
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  2. I Smell. . . Old

    What does it mean to smell "old"?

    There've been a couple of threads in the forums about this topic, and it seems like such a touchy one.

    TDDanae's "Hurt Old Lady" thread was closed because it had become controversial, I think.

    LedByMyNose's thread "Old Lady! Teenybopper! Ballbusting Exec!" led to a discussion of ageism.

    I noticed that even guys' reviews of fragrances sometimes say "for old men." ...
  3. Five Fragrances To Live Life To

    Inspired by Redneck Perfumisto's plug of Chandler Burr's GQ article, I'm gonna see if I can't pare my wardrobe down to five fragrances that let you do anything in life, and smell great doing it.

    1.) Aramis Havana. Serial readers saw that one coming after reading the title. It's a spicy, heavy, masculine fragrance that could be worn every day, or just for those special occasions. If you see fragrance as anything more than just something to keep you from stinking, you owe it to yourself ...
  4. Chandler Burr's "High Five" in March GQ


    One of the people I'm most thankful for in the fragrance world is Chandler Burr. If you haven't read his fascinating book The Perfect Scent, then you've missed a great read. This book is so compelling, it made me a fan of Hermès and their line of fragrances long before I smelled even a single one. Burr's writing - so wonderful but seemingly so effortless - is simply transformative.

    Well, if you want to take in a small sample of Burr's most practical thoughts ...

    Updated 15th March 2009 at 12:24 AM by Redneck Perfumisto

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  5. Sarrasins: a dark forbidden fruit

    If A la Nuit could be called a reference jasmine representing the smell of real flowers, then Sarrasins can get a title of reference jasmine in fragrances. Although the most jasmines are just represented by their fruity and narcotic notes, Sarrasins is a clever combination of fruits and dark indolic depth. In many reviews it was called dirty, heavy, indolic or animalic. That’s true if you compare Sarrasins to those innocent indolless creations, but if you know what jasmine absolute or a real flower ...

    Updated 13th March 2009 at 06:34 PM by AromaX

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