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  1. Picture How We Smell

    This picture combines my own experiences trying to identify smells with things I’ve read about neural networks, scent receptors and the brain. I offer it because I find it helpful to think about the whole process and not just the outcomes. Knowing how the process works can help improve the outcomes.

    Before I explain, I must offer a few caveats. I’m not a doctor, a neurologist, a physiologist, ...
  2. Hanatsubaki 2008 by Shiseido

    Hanatsubaki, the very first perfume from Shiseido, came out in 1917.
    Before reading words about Hanatsubaki on various sites, I always thought that Zen is Shiseido's first perfume, but actually, Zen is the first perfume that Shiseido sold towards western market.
    At Shiseido's website, there's original Hanatsubaki's picture, you can read it here

    I got a Hanatsubaki replica today, from an online bid. It's called "2008 Hanatsubaki", 25ml in EdP. The seller said, ...
  3. Do We All Smell the Same?

    A frequent topic on Basenotes is, “What’s a perfume that smells like X?” And every such thread that I’ve followed has some people saying,” Y’s got it!” and others saying, “I don’t smell that in Y at all.” So I’ve wondered, do we all have the same receptors in our noses? Are our brains all wired the same way? If we all do smell the same, why are our reactions so different?

    Tania Sanchez, in Perfumes The Guide, says there are, “biological anomalies,” but, “For the most part, the ...
  4. Learning To Love Guerlain Homme

    Learning To Love Guerlain Homme

    web graphic at

    It took me many years to learn to love good wine. My first encounter with wine involved some stolen cold duck. Technically it wasn't stolen, since my high school buddy simply gathered up all the leftovers from a catered party, including a pair of full bottles. It took many years, and a few more ...
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  5. The Journey So Far vol.7

    by , 6th May 2009 at 12:10 PM (Crouching Tiger Hidden Flacon)
    Though my journey will undoubtedly continue (does it ever really end?), this blog post will be the final part of these small series, at least for the time being.

    As far as the unhappiness bit is concerned "the year of vetiver and roses" was, sadly, only the beginning. Things went finally so bad that I was forced to reconsider my life choices, and though leaving a safe, steady, governmental job wasn't an easy choice, I ended up resigning. No salary can ever be big enough ...

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