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  1. Show Me What You've Got: Is it all about initial notes?

    by , 13th July 2008 at 09:52 PM (The Adventures of a Canadian Fragonaut)
    We always say that it's not all about the topnotes, and that it's a shame that the general public tends to evaluate fragrances based only on the initial notes they smell at retail counters. It isn't just with fragrances that something like this happens, though. I recently noticed that it also happened when I was on a daytrip and shared my music collection with one of my travel companions.

    Some of my absolute favorite tracks are a little more involved. They don't always open with ...

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    Fragrant Musings
  2. The Novice Nose: Is There A Difference Between Action and Words?

    As I’ve said in the past one of the reasons I’m doing SotW is to see whether the actions of the community match up to the words on the forums. Over the last couple of weeks there have been three opportunities for me to check whether our words as a community match our actions in what we wear.
    The first is this thread around Acqua di Parma Colonias
    Throughout this thread there is a debate about which Colonia is best. There ...
    The Novice Nose
  3. A Day of Perfume Shopping in Montreal

    I’m sitting here at my computer with 12 Guerlain smelling strips on the desk between me and the keyboard, wafting up and creating a delicious Guerlain soup. They are the fruits of a day-long sampling trip to Montreal, which I’m considering a great success, and which I’m just itching to talk about!

    I came in on the train at 9:30, equipped with 25 empty 1ml vials, paper envelopes, and a pen for labelling. First stop: the Bay. The main large store has a gigantic cosmetics & fragrances ...

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  4. Guerlain

    This time is Heritage de Guerlain, a 4ml(or maybe 5ml) EDT mini without box. The bottle is gorgeous, but the juice I'm not sure whether it is authentic or fake. It smells quite smokey, but seems not last long.

    Pics again took with Nikon D40

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  5. Testing Update 7-9-2008

    Fleurs De Rocaille
    Narcisse Noir
    En Avion (I tried this one for about three days consecutively I like it. It comes on a bit strong at first and then settles into a nice soft powdery, jasmine, carnation? spiceness that I simply love. There might be a hint of vanilla in the dry down as well, though I'm not certain on that note. Husband says it's nice, but he actually prefers the Creed Vanisia. Daughter says it smells like baby powder. Son ...