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  1. OK I think I'm figuring out this site now...

    By way of introduction, here are my starting points:

    I do like floral scents, but I never wear anything purely floral - I always want something more complex and interesting. I don't mind smelling florals on other people, though =)

    I unapologetically wear men's fragrances. My rule for men's colognes:
    If I wouldn't wear it on myself, I don't want to smell it on a man either...

    I do not like unbalanced sweet perfumes. Too many fragrances ...

    Updated 10th July 2009 at 04:53 PM by Donna Anna

  2. Why no compliments?

    The main reason I wear frags is for my own enjoyment. However, I spend a lot of time and energy choosing which scent to wear and A) wonder whether people notice them, B)To what extent they notice, and C) Do they like them?

    I'm guessing that many people would not feel comfortable commenting on someone's fragrance-in some situations it may be inappropriate. Even if it's positive.

    So far I've only received compliments from close friends and family members. Naturally, ...
  3. Birds


    Perfume Space

    let us be.


    on the sky-bending surfaces of
    musical spheres


    through vanishing wisps of topnotes

    as eagles.


    on momentary vectors


    in lazy waves

  4. My Very First Sniffing Trip!


    I thought I would share with you my first sniffing experience in 3D land (besides a few sniffs here and there during ordinary shopping trips, before my newfound fragrance frenzy).

    I went to a large mall in a nearby city. I visited two perfume stores, Perfumania and Perfumall. I also visited a few department stores with fragrance counters. Perfumania was full of designer frags with testers, testers, and many more testers. I sniffed and sniffed and sniffed. I ...
  5. Found, broke, lost, found, fixed: My Saga With Shalimar Light

    Let me share a story with you. I ordered a bottle of Shalimar Light via the web. The cap is such that it twists either way to spray (or not spray). I don't think it's supposed to come off. Anyway, I noticed that it sprays in a different manner than other perfumes-in a single, jetlike stream rather than a vapor or mist (you know what I mean?). I happily used it that way for weeks until one day ... I dropped it! The cap broke off and rolled away somewhere in my bedroom.

    I ...

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