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  1. Sarrasins: a dark forbidden fruit

    If A la Nuit could be called a reference jasmine representing the smell of real flowers, then Sarrasins can get a title of reference jasmine in fragrances. Although the most jasmines are just represented by their fruity and narcotic notes, Sarrasins is a clever combination of fruits and dark indolic depth. In many reviews it was called dirty, heavy, indolic or animalic. Thatís true if you compare Sarrasins to those innocent indolless creations, but if you know what jasmine absolute or a real flower ...

    Updated 13th March 2009 at 05:34 PM by AromaX

    Perfume review
  2. H*ll has most definitely frozen over and the end of the world is nigh!

    First I reach for and love Dior Dior Addict EDP - a scent I have not worn in nearly 7 years and which I found horridly cloying, smothering, and synthetic due to an excess of that evil note Tonka bean. But a night or so ago it was divine. An addictive miasma of orange blossom, bourbon vanilla, sandalwood and musk. (I think the sandalwood oil I layered with it help keep it in check.)
    Then last night I actually reached for and wore that cruel demon rouge, DIOR HYPNOTIC POISON!!! and...and...and ...
  3. new to the community

    I have adored fragrance since i was a teenager, when fortunately I was able to indulge my passion. I began with a lifelong love of bath products from Roger and Gallet. I still find the moderate price of bath products easier to deal with than perfumes.

    I have both designer originals and some of the higher end knock offs ( Instyle ).

    I have read a good deal of your reviews and have appreciated them all. In my fervor to recapture the essence of the classics, I am a frequent ...
  4. Finally!

    My first couple of reviews are up. I wanted to do a couple at first just to see if they would fly, and they do. So I'll get to work on my next batch, which will include quite a few more. By all means let me know how you feel about them, good or bad. I just want to see if they connect at all to people. If nothing else its a change of pace from the normal reviews. You need that, especially if you are checking them on A*Men.

  5. Neil Morris 2.0 - Five New Scents With New Style

    Neil Morris 2.0

    Five New Scents With New Style

    Things are happening for Neil Morris. And you don't have to take my word for it. I'm not the only person who's noticing Neil.

    Recently, Neil was asked to do a scent for the New York branch of the famous Japanese department store Takashimaya. That is definitely not a bad gig. But that's not all. That scent has now been nominated for a 2009 Fragrance Foundation Award in the Unique Boutique category. See the press ...

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