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  1. How would a unicorn smell?

    Okay, so I've read about others on here that have expressed the same..."why am I a junkie?" and "how to stop?" feelings about fragrance and I've come to a personal conclusion...I am like Captain Ahab ever-seeking his great triumph....or like the mythical unicorn...or a freakin pot of get the picture. I am looking for that scent that is so personally perfect to me (a signature) that it all more looking...take all the others away...I'm done. The problem ...
  2. Very Irresistable - Rose Centifolia 2006

    In case it isn't obvious, I ordered about a billion little sample sprays from fragrancenet...

    I was a little cautious with this due to the supposed "star anise" note. I hate licorice/anise (I'm talking the real black kind, not the fake red kind). Luckily, all I'm really getting is the rose. Rose, rose and more rose. It's a sweet rose, but nice. Since I love rose, that's OK. Maybe a little generic "white flower", a touch of musk and vanilla, but mostly just rose. ...
  3. Enchante

    So I live in Austin and I occasionally go to this wonderful little boutique Enchante. I've read on here from a few people that have had bad experiences here and I think it is unfortunate. Apparently the owner rubs some the wrong way, but once you talk to him for a while you might understand his perspective a little more in regard to the industry. He is always helpful to me and has sent me home with goodies to try and to critique. He has even asked for opinions on whether to order a certain ...
  4. Lavander, Lavandin? How subtle can the difference be?

    Yesterday and today I wore two fragrances that feature lavender in the top note. When I wore these two (Armand Basi Homme yesterday, and Rochas Man today), I had the distinct impression that I was smelling not lavender, but another, similar oil that I had smelled years ago: lavandin.

    Those some years ago, I had a bottle of Parfums Régence Lavandin (but see Comment #4 below). I tried to track down this scent on the web, but all I could find is the much more talked-about Kölnisch Juchten

    Updated 6th August 2009 at 01:48 AM by JaimeB

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  5. 24 Faubourg

    Ugh. Should be called "foul-bourg". I love real neroli and live orange blossoms (about the only thing worthwhile in Florida). This is not that. This is nose-blasting artificial orange blossom that brought on instant nausea. A scrubber for me.

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