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  1. Base Photography Outdoors

    A further client of which will help create a Edinburgh photographer is the lights and stages they have to greatly enhance a image. Using the photography becoming a ideal supplement to a terrific photographer.

    Single can find so lots of elements that go into generating an Edinburgh photographer healthier than the future but what exactly is it that helps make a single photographer greater compared to following? Some issues are cameras utilized. The gear for which you use allow make ...
  2. Most suitable male fragrance in Indian Sub continent

    Hi all BNote members,

    Joined recently, fascinated by the wealth of information. Great site for perfume lovers & I do love perfume.

    In hot(above 35 degree C or 95 F), humid weather (70%+) with sweating combined what all can still have decent Sillage & Longeivity.

    Presently using Quroum & Boss in Motion, ok with me.

    To add we usually get all the major brands here but getting somthing like Creek MI could be an issue

    Updated 23rd July 2009 at 01:50 PM by supratik

    Tags: hot, humid, india, male
  3. fruits etc

    I rarely go to Scent Bar even though I live fairly close by (in LA terms anyway), partly because the traffic on the way back can be horrendous and partly because, frankly, it's one surefire way for me to spend money I should save for, you know, life.

    But any one hour there is just delightful and exploratory. This afternoon I powered through my to-try list, and among them:

    Delrae Bois de Paradis: Not as fruity as I expected but has a smooth amber drydown that's completely ...

    Updated 23rd July 2009 at 04:35 AM by Aznavour

  4. Music has no language

    I was listening to my typical music dose at work, and one of my colleagues wanted to check what I was listening to. This made him cry, even though he didn't understand even a single word. Its sufi (Islamic mysticism) poetry FYI.

    Updated 23rd July 2009 at 06:43 PM by Mudassir

  5. earthquake summers

    Felt a quake a few nights ago, maybe a 2.0 or less, and when I get up the next morning I see on the news that part of San Bernardino is on fire, again. Hmm, what perfume to wear for a typical California July?

    (Someone really needs to create a fragrance that smells like slightly burnt chaparral and displaced rocks.)

    The Miller et Bertaux Green has been doing its duty. It has excellent vibrancy in the heat and while its presence isn't what I'd call pronounced it has ...

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