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  1. The Novice Nose: Samples Month Part I

    Once again the confounded servers and the specter of work keep me from posting to the blog in a regular manner. Iíve been spending the month of June going through a bunch of samples to see if there was anything I wanted to try more of. In this post Iím going to go through the scents I tried in the first half of the month and next week Iíll return with the scents from the second half.
    Jo Malone Mandarin, Basil and Lime---After loving Black Vetyver Cafť and not having longevity issues with ...

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    The Novice Nose
  2. Fragrance limits at the new workplace

    by , 28th June 2008 at 09:18 PM (The Adventures of a Canadian Fragonaut)
    The past month has been an interesting experience in terms of fragrances because I've changed to a new day-job with a completely different environment, feel, and in some sense, culture. For the past month, in addition to learning what I need to learn in order to do well with work-related matters, I've also had to try to figure out what the unstated limits are with regards to my choice of fragrances at work.

    Things began on a worrisome note. On my first day, I saw on the pixelboard ...
    Fragrant Musings
  3. Began 6-26-2008

    The following samples arrived in the mail yesterday and I have had so much fun with them already. My plan is this: I'll try them on one at a time for about 3-5 successive days and keep track of what I like/dislike about each one as well as comments from others concerning that particular scent.

    My notes are going to be quite vague, I'm afraid, because I simply do not have enough knowledge nor experience with recognizing the different notes, etc., that I've seen others be able to distinguish ...
  4. Some Words in a Debate about Hate Speech

    You know, another name for "hate speech" is "fighting words." That's because when people use hate speech, one of the possible outcomes is a physical altercation.

    Even when there is no physical altercation, the use of fighting words delivers a message to any hearers who may be standing by. The message is this: "This group that I have just demeaned by calling them a dirty name is a legitimate target of violence. They do not deserve the respect or protection of

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    Personal Reflections
  5. Oh! The cologne!

    There are two questions one has to ask in evaluating a traditional cologne:

    1) How good is the citrus?
    2) What comes after the citrus?

    A cologne can only be great if there are good answers to both of these questions. Longevity is naturally a problem for all colognes, because of the volatility of the traditional citrus top notes, combined with the low concentration. Take the Chanel cologne, for example. Its citrus top notes are probably the best I've ever smelled. ...

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