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  1. New Mexico, Nuts, and Incense

    OK, first New Mexico; nuts and incense later on.

    I spent a week in New Mexico at the end of May with my husband Russ. (Yes, he's still my husband, according to the California Supreme Court). We had a great time relaxing and sight-seeing (and shopping, of course), as well as an amazing revelation about the cultural diversity of the Southwestern United States.

    We started and ended in Albuquerque, where our flights landed and departed, but we also visited Santa Fe for six

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  2. Elf's Compendium of Notes 6- Chinese Star Anise

    Certain spices remind me immediately of particular places, and star anise is one of those that immediately remind me of China and Japan. Today Iíve put some Chinese Star Anise (Illicium verum) steam distilled EO in the heater, and itís wafting evocatively around the living room. Star anise is a small native evergreen tree of southwest China. The star shaped seeds are harvested just before ripening. Star anise is used in Chinese, Japanese, and Indian cuisine, among others. Itís one of the main ingredients ...
  3. Wow..

    I am such a newbie when compared to the people on here Oh well. In time, in time...
  4. Hello!

    I just joined at the realization of how much I really like cologne. I always knew I had a thing for scents.. but an hour of browsing in Macy's and a pocket filled with 15 samples I've decided I really do enjoy it thoroughly. I always enjoy the fact that there's a lot more than just a "nice smell". I'm currently trying to find a new scent and I'm quite bothered by my incertainty. Although I've found that all the scents I enjoy have bergamot, some kind of musk and also sandalwood or cedarwood. ...

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  5. Humanity's Next Big Mistake

    I suppose that I should have entitled this something else, but then again, I probably should have posted it under my scientific identity. Although my science blog is also written under a pseudonym, it is more likely to be read by other scientists. However, the ridiculous state of our species is surely reflected by the fact that I'm better off posting about the abuse of science on a board which is primarily read by men who care too much about perfume. At least here, my words are guaranteed to be ...
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