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  1. Iris for Men: Notes and Comparisons

    I thought I would follow up on a little experiment I did last week, in which I wore Dior Homme one day and Arpège pour Homme the next. The object of the exercise was to see if I still liked Arpège pH more. The conclusion was that I think I no longer prefer it to Homme.

    As a follow-up, I thought I would do a survey of some iris-prominent scents that take a lot of bandwidth on Basenotes, so here goes!

    Dior Homme is really very smooth and striking. Some people think it's

    Updated 9th August 2009 at 06:29 AM by JaimeB

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  2. I Smell. . . Rotten Vanilla Beans

    I've dabbled in making perfumes at home, but stopped because of monetary constraints. However, earlier this spring, someone inspired me to make my own vanilla tincture. She started hers about the same time I did, about mid-March. The idea was simple. Buy beans; buy grain alcohol. Put them in a little jar. Keep in a cool dark place and turn it over a few times a week. Voila! Homemade vanilla.

    Yesterday, I took a whiff of mine, which had been stewing in Everclear for nearly ...
  3. The Journey So Far vol.3

    The biggest turning point of my journey came in 2002 when I wanted to learn more about fragrances. When looking for information on the internet I ran into several fragrance forums (of which Basenotes is the only one I still frequent). It was mind-blowing to find people all over the world sharing the same obsession with scents. I learned about fragrances and houses I had never heard of before, but wanted to tackle the Classics first.

    Since I still had no credit card, I had to settle ...
  4. Royal bain de Caron layering question

    Royal bain de Caron is a very nice unisex fragrance but doesn't seem to have lasting power. Would one spray of Nuit de Noel be a possilbe layering meathod to enhance lasting quality? Fragrance-wise Nuit de Noel seems close in fragrance by the discription. I would appreciate any advise.


    Updated 18th May 2008 at 02:36 PM by N_Tesla

  5. I Smell. . . Spanish Broom

    Last weekend, I was in the backyard weeding and trimming invasive trumpet vines, when caught a whiff of some flowery scent. It smelled like "Design" by Paul Sebastian. I thought it was most unusual, because our yard is pretty darn big, and our nearest neighbor is quite far. Who was wearing "Design" in my yard??? It was just me and the dogs. Well, I was hauling the trimmings out to the the bin in the back alley, and I saw these beautiful yellow flowers. I sniffed them, and ...

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