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  1. A little better definition.

    I'm posting all this and the reviews are not even up yet.. gah. Any way, I think what made me want to write in this style would be a mix of not knowing how to break down smells anyway, but also just a different angle.
    Most of the reviews are just what is in the fragrance and a brief analyzing of how the things work together. Which is really great, because at least I learn a little on how things are in cahoots. However, many of the comments are repeats, and say whatever someone else has ...
  2. ...and now i've problems with apostrophes in reviews

    Having fixed my last problem, it appears that the solution to that is turning some apostrophes in reviews to a question mark.

    Ok, lets try and fix this then.....


    Looks like its a problem from when people paste from word, which gives a different apostrophe which has an encoding different to what a website expects.

    Can't see an immediate fix yet. sorry

    Updated 27th January 2009 at 08:07 AM by Grant

  3. fragrance with accents in directory temporarily unaccented [fixed]

    Edit: I've fixed this now -- had a dodgy charset in my header metatags.

    One thing I've always tried hard to do on Basenotes is ensure the names of the fragrances are properly accented. So for example

    Fabergé not Faberge
    Égoïste not Egoiste
    Fraîche not Fraiche etc.

    I tried to re-upload the directory file to the server today using my new mac, and to my horror all of the diacritical marks were rendered as funny squiggles!

    I've tried re-uploading ...

    Updated 27th January 2009 at 06:49 AM by Grant

    Behind the Scenes
  4. Confessions of a Perfume Dork

    One night right before Christmas, I got online to review the differences and compare the bottles of Lolita Lempicka versus LL Midnight. Why? Because all along, I've had a borderline dorky fascination with perfume, and having bought/received two different bottles over two weeks, both of which I was totally stoked about, I decided to play around on the internets and see what I could see.

    It all started with Dune. I discovered it on the arm of a fellow sixth-grader, one who was trying ...

    Updated 26th January 2009 at 05:31 AM by Sunnyfunny (what's up with the asterisks?)

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