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  1. Guerlain Homme - a practical joke?

    The first very short notes reminded me of iris from the namesake fragrance from Dior. The iris vision lasted only the seconds and later I could enjoy a nice glass of Mojito cocktail as it was promised. The resemblance with Mojito consisting of lime pieces, rum, ice, fresh mint leaves and sugar syrup was remarkable. A soft greenness of mint was resonating with a green bitterness of geranium leaf (oh, sorry, it was pelargonium mentioned in the pyramid). That emphasizes a fougère character of the fragrance, ...

    Updated 11th September 2008 at 10:43 PM by AromaX

    Perfume review
  2. Please recommend custom perfumer !

    I have an idea to order a custom perfume ( and resell them in a small amounts ) There are lot of suggestions in the WEB but i can not choose because i do not test what they are doing.Please recommend me if it is possible perfumer who is
    2Not expensive(not more 500 USD)
    3 Who already made perfumes for celebrities or for well-known brands ( it will be easier to advertise )
    Thank you very much in advance !
    my email is

    [email protected]
  3. Sniffin' 'n' Speakin' with Shozo's Dark Beauty


    L'eau de Kasaneka

    chosen for...

    All Invited! ♥ Sniff 'n' Speak Saturday, September 6, 2008 ★★★ OPPOSITE-GENDER FRAG
    SEPTEMBER ~ Opposite-Gender Fragrance -or- Fougere ("fern like;" lavender + woods + coumarin + geranium + oakmoss)

    I was wondering which fougère I would be wearing today. I had it ...
  4. Oh dear: Bal à Versailles makes me sick

    As a perfume lover I want to get my nose into everything. Meaning that even when I hate a perfume I will try to make peace with it & wear it till I am immune to it's evil. I have to figure out it's mystery. Sadly Bal à Versailles is not going to be one of those that I concor.

    Bal à Versailles by Jean Desprez is described by many reviewers here as an old fashioned classic. Wile I agree that it's very old fashioned & I'll admit it could be a classic I'm 100% sure of the fact ...
  5. can anyone suggest...

    I am searching for an a fairly literal orange blossom/neroli scent with staying power. I don't want to smell like a candle or a "home fragrance", though. Any suggestions?

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