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  1. Tommy Bahama Set Sail St. Barts - Laid Back

    (Original post here from May 27th, 2008.)

    One of the bigger enablers for a perfume enthusiast is the semi-ghetto establishment known as TJ Maxx. Unfortunately for me (and my wallet), for the past year Iíve worked next door to one. Normally itís a bunch of crap inside, Colors, Wings, Adidas Rehash 7,652. The usual bargain bin stuff. But ours gets some more exotic stuff in every now and then, from YSL to Thierry Mugler to some of the more popular Kenneth Cole products (always for ...
  2. I DON'T have to own all six! days 3 & 4

    This being the warmest, sunniest day the Great Northwest has seen in a few months, it seemed apropo that I try a nice, springy little floral. That wasn't what was going through my mind this morning, or at all through the day, but now that I'm curled up in my comfy chair and sweats at the computer, it all makes sense! But first things first.

    Day 3: Poivre I had absolutely no emotional response to this one when I put it on except to think that it is aptly named. The black pepper thing ...

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  3. Zut alors! Day 2

    Day 2: Parfum Sacre I didn't much like this one when I put it on this morning. I got a tiny bit of fruit (peaches?) and something else that I know I don't like when I smell it on other women. It was, on top of this, powdery, which doesn't generally bode well with me. Or my husband. (Oddly, he got none of the powder on me and actually kind of liked it.) About an hour into it, I wasn't loving it at all and hoped it didn't last as long as Noel did.

    Then a funny thing happened. ...

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  4. The Economy and the Perfume Industry: The Future?

    The news is full of reports about where the economy is going, but the question of how this will affect the perfume industry is definitely below the radar. This could be because "luxury goods" are stereotypically imagined to behave in one of two ways in economic slowdowns:
    Theory #1: Unnecessary items are the first to go from the budget; therefore, perfumes drastically lose sales volume in an economic slowdown.

    Theory #2: Luxury goods are overwhelming purchased

    Updated 29th January 2009 at 04:56 AM by JaimeB

    The Fragrance Industry
  5. Zut alors! A Journey into Urn-land

    I think we can all agree that when learning something new, the methodical approach is best. So while it was mighty tempting for me to jump all over the board (a Guerlain here, SL there, a talked-about department store release thrown in for good measure), I stayed the course and chose a theme with which to begin my olfactory voyage-- the Carons. And the samples I ordered all smell deliciously lovely just in their vials! Well, five out of six of them smell lovely. Tabac Blond smells a little...ummm...funny. ...

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