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  1. I Smell. . . Like a Hypocrite

    Just last week, I was chuckling at one of my coworkers. She had just told me she and her brother both keep an extra bottle of their favorite fragrance in their car. In their car? In the Texas heat? And who needs an extra bottle anyway? "For freshening up," she said, "of course!"

    Of course. Whatever. I'm not keeping any extra bottle in *my* car.

    Twice this week, I've left the house and forgotten to do my little happy spritz of my latest crush. ...

    Updated 10th March 2011 at 12:38 AM by Aiona (Sally's website changed)

  2. Quest for a Summer Scent

    Summers in southwestern Ontario are hot and humid. Tomorrow the forecast is for 30 degrees, with humidex of 40 (that's 86, with a humidex of 104, for our friends to the south). I needed something that would stay fresh and crisp even under these extreme conditions. My problem was that nothing seemed to work. I suppose I'm partially at fault for not liking green fragrances: this eliminated a bunch of traditional summery scents, like the first two Jardins by Hermes, Premier Figuier, Diptyque Philosykos, ...

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  3. Summer is approaching, and I'm going vagabond

    We have actually had a bit of warmish weather here in San Francisco, where I live and move and have my being. This is a fluke and a bit of a tease, because our summers here are generally foggy and cool; but for as long as it lasts, I'm loving it. Current forecasts are for high temperatures in the mid-70's (read 23ºC or so) for the rest of the week along with sunny skies.

    Ordinarily, my thoughts would turn to green scents and fougères for this kind of weather (as they did in an earlier

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    Personal Reflections
  4. The Novice Nose: Style Remains

    "Fashion dies, style remains"
    Words spoken by Yves St. Laurent and quoted many times this past week on the occasion of his death at 71. His death has caused me to reflect on where style began, for me. It began in the mid 70's as I moved through high school. It began as I wanted to look good for my own self-confidence as well as to attract girls. It began as I looked at GQ for the first time and thought, I want to look like that. It began when I bought my first pair of tailored pants ...
    The Novice Nose
  5. The Novice Nose: Jicky and The 8th Annual Basenotes Awards

    Tonight we observe a mysterious event I call “The Jicky Affair”. I, like many other Basenoters, was looking forward to the release of the 8th Annual Basenotes Awards. Not only was I curious to see the winners but it would signal the end of Grant’s long nightmare getting the site re-coded. As I would think about the results, based on my SotW, I expected Terre D’Hermes to have a strong showing which it did. Additionally I also expected Guerlain Jicky to do similarly. When the results were released ...
    The Novice Nose

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