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  1. Caron: Les Plus Belles Lavandes

    Has anyone found an online source for Les Plus Belles Lavandes by Caron? Would appreciate help in finding a source.

  2. I Smell. . . Scents of Another Sex

    I am a hypocrite when it comes to scents. I recently stereotyped men who wear "Pink Sugar" by Aquolina. But I myself decided to wear a "male" scent a few months ago -- "Spirit" by Antonio Banderas (actually by Puig, as I later learned). It reminds me of someone I knew, and liked, and I rather wanted his presence with me as I was doing something rather difficult.

    The odd thing is, I find it an incredibly stinky scent. I finally identified what was in it ...
  3. Monsieur Balmain Tells Me It's Not Summer Yet

    by , 14th May 2008 at 08:54 PM (The Adventures of a Canadian Fragonaut)
    I checked the forecast for today, and it says it'll be a high of 20*C (68*F). That's decently warm, I think. Not sweltering summer heat by any stretch, but considering we're just rolling through Spring now, I was looking forward to decently warm weather. Unfortunately, it was not to be. It's actually chilly outside. But I should have known something was up. One of my favorite summer fragrances, much like the famed groundhog of Groundhog Day, refused to come out today.

    Warm weather plus ...
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  4. The Journey So Far vol.1

    I have no idea when and where I got started with perfumes, probably by sniffing interesting looking bottles on the vanity tables (at homes of relatives and family friends), which were my favourite hang-outs as a kid. Mirrors, lippies, jars, bottles... couldn't get enough. I also started to read about scents very early from my mother's and aunt's beauty & fashion mags.

    But the definite starting point of my perfume collecting was when I wished Anaïs Anaïs or Rive Gauche for Christmas ...

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  5. Me: A Belated Introduction

    Hmm... Somehow I managed to write 33 posts to this blog and never bothered to introduce myself. Maybe that's not such a bad thing; after all, the way you really get to know people is by spending time with them. So if you've spent time with my blog and feel you know me well enough for good or ill, I guess you don't have to read any further.

    If you're still curious, here are some things about me, and maybe a few about my relation to fragrance.

    Bio: I was born in New York

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