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  1. Eau de toilette concentree = eau de parfum

    Chanel changed all their "eau de toilette concentree" products into eau de parfum. That happened to Allure Homme Edition Blanche as well as to Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme and Pour Monsieur Concentree.
  2. the Heartbreak of Discontinued Fragrances

    It must be admitted that a large portion of my fragrance hobby is an attempt to find scents that are attached to the most powerful moments and moods of my youth. I found this Andy Warhol comment on Scentbird's website regarding the experience of perfume:

    "I switch perfumes all the time. If I've been wearing one perfume for three months, I force myself to give it up, even if I still feel like wearing it, so whenever I smell it again it will always remind me of those three months. ...
  3. Andy Tauer, 4160 Tuesdays and other sniffs

    Here is evidence of a gigantic sniffathon yesterday. These are only the ones I took on card, so missing about five times as many that were merely smelled directly from the spray tops.

    4160 Tuesdays (coloured ones), Bentley x 2, Frederick Malle, Roja x 6, Bvgari x 3,
    YSL x 3, Tauer x 4, Atkinsons x 2, Tom Ford x 2, Loewe x 3, Lancome, Lalique, Boadicea The Victorious..... (can elaborate if you wish)


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  4. Posh fragrance tests: Creed Original Vetiver, Tom Ford Noir

    Creed Original Vetiver

    Euch, euch, EUCH. Everything I hate about mens' fragrances, all rolled into one tidy green-gradiented package. To me it said fougere, or rather screamed it constantly while trying to prise the lid off my skull with a rusty knife. Washed it off. I tried it in the attempt to find out what vetiver actually smells of, but I'm inclined to think it may not have been a good example fragrance for that. Ah well; chalk this one up to an educational failed experiment... ...
  5. A Reviewer's Rant (or Check Your Facts Before You Mock)

    I usually steer clear of the discussion boards, as I A.) seem to be a human lightning rod for flame wars, and B.) have a weakness for getting sucked into the most uncivil exchanges. However, a current thread (certainly not the first, nor the most mean-spirited,) bemoaning the apparent elitism and bias toward obscure niche scents at Basenotes caught my attention. I was particularly struck with one sarcastic remark made in the context of innocent teens receiving recommendations for astronomically

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