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  1. Scented Studio Denver

    Quote Originally Posted by PianoDan View Post
    Hello Fragrance Fanatics!

    I wanted to give you all a breakdown of this awesome place I discovered recently in Denver, Colorado.

    It is called Scented Studio

    I know that Scented Studio offers a bunch of fun services related to scent. I am not writing this as an advertisement, nor can I really speak intelligently about all of their services, so I will just add the URL here if anyone is interested.
  2. Keepers (and chucker-outers)

    Some notes about fragrances that have made it onto my full bottle list, and why they did so.

    Fahrenheit 32 - I tend to buy small samples of fragrances, and since I don't wear fragrance every single day it's actualy very rare that I get to the end of one. 32, however, proved to be a perfect scent for nights out dancing; it's pleasant but not overly loud, and remains enjoyable throughout its development. It also lasts well even when I'm very warm, which when you're spending an evening ...

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  3. 5 Things you should consider before buying a fragrance

    Fragrances are luxuries, yet must have for almost every person. They offer soothing luxury combined with blissful notes, all which speak volumes about the userís choice without speaking a word. These are only but a few reasons why you should consider these reasons before buying a fragrance.

    1. Know your preferences. Are you on the lookout for a new summer fragrance? Are you looking to change up your signature scent or trying to find something ideal for work, or just a fragrance ...
  4. Imaginary Authors Short Story Collection ( Sampling Breakdown )

    Quote Originally Posted by PianoDan View Post
    Hello all,

    I hope this is a good place to put this.

    I know there is no possible way you will enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed the olfactory experience I received sampling the Short Story Collection from Niche/Indie perfumerie, Imaginary Authors. For those that are unfamiliar with this house, I have pasted the below from the about page at


  5. rose which is very sweet and has a honey kind of accord

    i am new to perfumery and i am trying to create a fragrance of rose which is very sweet and has a honey kind of accord .
    i am using

    Benzyl Alcohol
    Phenyl ethyl Alcohol
    benzyl acetate
    phenethyl acetate
    citronellyl acetate
    Terpinyl Acetate
    geraniol acetate
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