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  1. The Maestro of the Mainstream

    When you become a passionate perfumista you get the urge to explore unusual things, the oddities, the bizarre, the obscure. By the time you get this far you've reached level 5 on Tania Sanchez's scale of perfume addiction : decadence, but you're also still experimenting as if you were back at stage one : mother's bathroom. By the time decadence sets in you've become disillusioned with the ordinary and the everyday and you start to seek out the weird and wonderful things in the hinterland of mainstream ...

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  2. Daring fragrances

    I came across this amusing comment in the forums recently:

    Quote Originally Posted by DULLAH View Post
    Figment is completely unwearable in all ways, unless we find a situation where we need to smell like a vacant lot overrun with weeds and urine, next to a cold greenhouse full of pesticides, bleach, wet potting soil/vermiculite, and tons of shrill chemical fertilizers.
    I sympathise with this comment to an extent. Daring fragrances can alarm the senses because the brain is trying to determine if the smell is safe. ...
  3. Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    TJ Maxx across from Arrowhead Mall:
    Halton Amber Man 4.2 oz (well not any more)
    Several Mugler Pure Tonka 3.4 oz (didnt get any but maybe I should)
  4. after shave Captain 93 %

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    Hello friends, one question : why this after shave Captain M. have 93 % ?
    Can you help me ?
  5. Scent Wardrobe Fall 2017

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    This fall, my scent wardrobe: aldehydic florals, weird but easy fragrances, photorealistic fragrances, plus some others.

    Covet (SJP) - A kind of sporty middle-weight/lifespan chocolate and geranium for daytime. Weird but not too weird.

    Dzing! (L'Artisan Parfumeur) - Sort of the olfactory equivalent of old money clothes-- a pill-y cotton shirt kept in a cottage closet and rarely washed. I can pick out notes (woody, vanillic, ...
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