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  1. Avon Mad Men - A Masculine Fragrance History Pt 3: The Greatest Decade

    Avon had piqued the interest of American men by the 1970's, mostly with Wild Country (1967) from the previous decade being such a knockout success. Success on a global level was also starting to increase, with the first instance of a masculine fragrance renamed for a foreign market occurring in the form of Avon Imperator (1970), which was a re-branding of Excalibur (1969) for markets where the source Arthurian legend was thought to not be inspirational enough for a purchase. Avon gift decanters ...
  2. Avon Mad Men - A Masculine Fragrance History Pt 2: Halcyon Days

    The American public had a greater desire for luxury goods than ever by the 1960's, and stores like Bergdorf Goodman, Sak's Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor, Barney's, Neiman Marcus and more were dotting the landscape of major cities, while slightly lower-level but larger-scale stores like Filene's, Marshall Field's, Bon Marché, Hutzler's, Nordstrom, Hecht's, and the like served up slightly more-accessible luxury to the upper-middle classes. But what if you were part of the wider swath of blue collar ...
  3. A sprig of Muguet on the first of May

    Of the four pagan festivals of ancient Europe the only one that hasn't been subsumed into the Christian calendar is Beltane, May Day. Although it is now celebrated across the world as Labour Day this has nothing to do with the traditional practice of pastoralists who drove their cattle between two huge fires to sanctify them before turning them out onto their summer pastures.

    There is however, maybe unwittingly, a remnant of this pagan rite of purification still extant in France, ...
  4. I Discussion of Cologne Made From Mostly Essential Oils vs. Synthetic Musk to Soothe The Musk Wearer

    Do we want to choose a cologne as something for smell or ask the perfumer what the ingredients are to start thinking about the awareness of what we are putting on our bodies to either satisfy our wants or for example the benefit of that maybe the cologne has an ingredient such as basil that will also benefit us in some way ?

    Or - I get so many phone calls through the years " Dear, I have a musk that I bought and the label is now rubbed off but i am calling you after the several ...
  5. What musks, woody ambers are in Alien by Mugler?

    Quote Originally Posted by pobepto View Post
    Do you have a good gcms?
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