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  1. Gamma Methyl Ionone

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    Fascinating reading, all the above, as I try to find more written info on Takasago's Methyl Ionone Gamma EQ (I have no idea what EQ stands for and I guess that's my point here...)

    This issue, I mean aroma discrepancies between products obtained from one seller to the next with the identical chemical name, exists with many other ingredients as well, not just the big family of ionones we all love so much. However, differences among the ionones is perhaps more noticeable –or rampant–
  2. A Picture from the blue

    A friend of mine was on a fight to Dubai recently and noticed one of the cabin crew was wearing a name tag with the same family name on it as mine. He took the man's picture and emailed it to me remarking on the strange coincidence. Of course, the flight attendant was from the same part of Spain, Galicia, as my parents, but it led me to think about some things I hadn't considered for a long time.

    Here's what I wrote to the friend who emailed me that picture:

    Thanks for

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    Personal Reflections
  3. Thinking on it

    I have a lot of time at work when slow to think about fragrances and why I wear them. Or why you wear them. Mainly, I wonder why we have so, so many. I am speaking about a lot of us here on basenotes. Our bottle counts are huge. It is so strange. I am going to babble on maybe why I do. Feel free to join in.

    I used to think I just liked them. I just bought them on whims and whenever I felt like it. I didn't know people did not usually do that. One bottle was enough for them. Their ...
  4. Orchid Show at Missouri Botanical Garden 3.22.15

    I love flowers and photography. If the flowers are fragrant AND I can photograph them I am a very happy person.

    Here are some of the 500+ pictures I took today.

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    Adding some more pictures....

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  5. SOTD- February 21, 2015, Jardin D'Amalfi

    by , 21st February 2015 at 08:05 PM (Scent of the Day)

    Henry Scott Tuke, 1850

    Jardin D'Amalfi

    Lemons blaze, hotter than the white heat on the green grass.
    Sleepy, wafts of tangerine and juicy neroli, roll by.
    It's time for a walk in the sunny garden.
    Dreaming in the daze of warmth,
    yellow striped butterflies prance with audacity.
    Bold; they know they are marked as "dangerous".

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