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  1. Scentsamples continued

    Armani Prive - Ambre Soie

    Goes on lush, mellow and spicy; almost gourmand. Reminds me distinctly of BPAL's foody Christmas scents - I think the anise and patchouli are contributing to that. Lovely for its opening, certainly. Other reviewers complain about longevity but I'm pretty sure it'll beat out a perfume oil! Added to the wish list not for a full bottle but for a good-sized sample, this is definitely a comfort zone fragrance for me, and if comments about its subtle complexity ...
  2. More samples

    Lalique Encre Noire Sport - bought a sample to see if it works on me better than Encre Noire, which I adore on paper but which vanishes on my skin. It's opening with mainly a rather rich lemony accord, which will be the grapefruit and bergamot working together, and then a hint of the cypress. It doesn't obviously preserve the jaw-dropping, Gothically moody character of Encre Noire, but there's a chilliness in the sillage which I find rather pleasant and the same sort of clear-headed feel. This is ...

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  3. High street sniffs

    Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet Man: Fresh-citrus of the Nivea shower gel school. Silly bottle. Nice quality but not a genre I enjoy. Has amber in the base but all the cool-fresh ("cold and synthetic in character") bits I like seem to disappear very fast.

    Paco Rabanne 1 Million: Surprisingly nice. Fresh yet sweet. Smells vaguely fruity-floral on paper. Should skin test this one; paper drydown is lovely. I like the fact reviewers are complaining it's too feminine! Suspect it might ...
  4. Yet more samples

    Imaginary Authors - Cape Heartache

    Reminds me strongly of BPAL Talvikuu when wet (good thing - moody, chilly pine), but rapidly warms into pine-tinged woods with a hint of vanilla. THe strawberry is evanescent but present. I smell like a Christmas tree beside a log fire. Very apt for December Think this one could stand generous application to bring out the pine resin. Definite win.
  5. More samples

    And now my upcoming birthday brings the presents... yet more Scentsamples minis!

    Musc Ravageur - currently testing. I see what the reviewers mean about the sly references to classic heavy orientals, but so far this is wearing more lightly on me. I like that about it - I love the classics but I can't wear the heavy stuff. I'm not revolted by the opening, it's assertive but not overwhelming; but I'm looking forward to the drydown everyone seems to enjoy so much.

    Tom Ford ...
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