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  1. wtf is niche anyway?

    By the late 70s, perfume came from large corporate brands (eg. Estée Lauder, Coty), commercial fashion brands (eg. Halston, Pierre Cardin, Calvin Klein) and the old guard like Caron and Guerlain. The common thread is that investors saw perfume as a cash cow and designer-celebrity culture was a cheap ticket to the show. The perfumer was in the closet, the consumer rabidly craved identifiability in branding and the ‘coarsening of culture’ argument had been laughed into submission. Culturally we ...
  2. Abarcrombie and fitch perfumes tv commercials?

    what about ads in journals and billbords?
    anyone noticed?
  3. Random Sense: Make the most of these scents in no order of preference

    These are random samples pulled from my collection. They are not based on season, only chosen randomly to remind us of the beauty that awaits if we choose to indulge ourselves.
    Draw 1: Dior Aqua Fahrenheit
    Draw 2: Original Penguin Rocks
    Draw 3: Jil Sander Man
    Draw 4: YSL Pour Homme
    Draw 5: Cartier Zeste de Soleil
    Draw 6: Tom Ford Noir de Noir
    Draw 7: Miller Harris Vetiver Bourbon
    Draw 8: Guerlain Homme L'eau Boisee
    Draw 9: John Varvatos ...
  4. SOTD, Saturday, May 2, 2015- Penhaligon's Ostara

    ​Georgia O'Keefe, Yellow Jonquils
    Penhaligon- Ostara
    Earthy, meringue-like clouds of waxy notes
    gleam in the golden rays.
    Sleepy, their pendulous heads nod in the sun,
    drinking in the recent rain.
    Somber, grey clouds scuttle off, leaving the glorious
    Vetiver and grasses wafting in their wake.
    Narcissus was doomed to love himself beyond all reason,
  5. Need help adding ........

    Need help adding fragrance/crafting on to my resume as hobbies/interests. I have formulated home made lotions, a little fragrance mix (amateur) and home made lip glosses. I am trying to land a job with a lotion making company .
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