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  1. November in Europe, Florence Part Two

    We survived the climb and had enough battery life to take more pictures of the Duomo’s façade, campanile, and baptistery on the ground. Back at the hotel, we conferred about where to have dinner. I had, during my pre-trip internet research, discovered a little place past the end of the Via del Corso on the Borgo degli Albizi called Natalino. Eventually, I managed to convince my dubious companions. On our way there, we passed through the Piazza della Repubblica, where there was a carousel slowly ...

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    Personal Reflections
  2. November in Europe, Venice and Home Again

    Venice was entirely something else, incredibly mysterious in the fog (the famous càligo, in Venetian caigo), like some surreal medieval dream. At the train station, a water taxi met us, and for about twenty minutes we sailed down the Grand Canal passing ancient palazzi on both sides. Because of the acqua alta, the high tide, we couldn’t get dropped off directly at the hotel, and had to take a short walk through the calli (singular calle), as the Venetians call most of the streets of the town. A ...

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    Personal Reflections
  3. Jean Desprez® re-launches Bal a Versailles® for Registered Users

    The wait is over. While Jean Desprez® develops its new fragrance (a very long time coming). It is releasing a limited number of newly manufactured BAV Parfum (Perfume) and EDT exclusively for it's loyal customers who have registered at the website. For BAV aficionados, this is the late 80's formulation not the early 60's.

    They are working on an early 60's version of BAV, but response to the "fresh" current version has met with positive reviews. They ...
  4. Scentsamples of the day

    L'Artisan Parfumeur: Mechant Loup

    Honestly, with a name like that how could I not try it?

    So there's definitely a note somewhere in this that I specifically don't like; it's right there in the opening, too, although it rapidly disappears under something much more gourmandy. I can't unfortunately identify it offhand, although looking at the description it's very likely to be the liquorice/aniseed. This is a hard to classify scent, I wouldn't call it typically masculine ...
  5. Talent

    How important is the "nose" to the quality of a fragrance? What I mean by this is the relative importance of design talent versus ingredient quality? At Basenotes, clearly both are revered. Some reviews refer to the genius of jean-Claude Ellena. Others stress the importance of High-quality, expensive ingredients.

    How important is each? For instance, if you took Ellena and gave him the ingredient costs of a Yacht Man fragrance as a constraint, could he still produce a masterpiece? ...
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