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  1. Fragrance Rankings.

    Was in the forum. Thought I could save it here so I can find it easier.

    Each day over the course of roughly 2 weeks, I would do several surveys with customers and associates. I would spray approximately 8 blotters cards all with different fragrances. It would usually be by brand. If there were more than 8, I would spray the entire line. If it were fewer, I would spray multiple brands per test. I would also do no more than 3 surveys per day at several hours apart. This was to limit ...
  2. Penhaligon's again


    Finally a classic oriental that doesn't knock me over backwards! It's a little *too* classic, by which I mean bitter and woody, for me to want to wear it every day, but I may some day acquire a decant of this simply for the sake of having a tolerable "true" oriental in my collection.


    Tested on the advice of the assistant in the Penhaligons shop, and I'm unexpectedly loving it. The opening blast of whisky and saffron blindsided ...

    Updated 3rd December 2014 at 02:05 PM by philistine

  3. Penhaligon's: Malabah

    First on: Delicious. Rose, a hint of the earl grey, amazingly fresh. Midstage: still remarkably fresh above some well-blended spices. The midstage of more traditional oprientals is often the part I like least, but here the Penhaligons house style mutes it just enough to be pleasant. Drydown remains sweet and sharp. It is on the sweet side, although not unwearably so for this male; summer evenings perhaps. Definitely the keeper of the bunch I've sampled. I am however now planning to go back and test ...
  4. Penhaligon's testing

    Well if it will namedrop Bertrand Duchafour on the packaging, it's going to get tested first, isn't it...

    How curious. First on, roses, sandalwood, then - *something*. I think it's the saffron. This doesn't have quite the character I was expecting; currently it's on the masculine side of unisex for me, and honestly not all that unusual to my nose. I've seen reviewers comment that Penhaligons scents don't have great longevity, especially in tester spray volumes, and this ...
  5. Penhaligons raid

    My new favourite place! Shop assistants who actually know about perfume! Atomiser samples!


    Skin tested. Wow - not only a perfume with woods I actually enjoy, but an incense that doesn't give me a headache! THe opening is glorious and I could wear it all day, but later on it becomes a dry, wood-and-incense blend which says room scent more than personal fragrance to me. It's reminiscent of my uncle's house - an old Victorian cottage with open fires, maintained ...

    Updated 28th November 2014 at 01:52 PM by philistine

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