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  1. Orchid Show at Missouri Botanical Garden 3.22.15

    I love flowers and photography. If the flowers are fragrant AND I can photograph them I am a very happy person.

    Here are some of the 500+ pictures I took today.

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    Adding some more pictures....

    Updated 24th March 2015 at 12:07 AM by RHM

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  2. SOTD- February 21, 2015, Jardin D'Amalfi

    by , 21st February 2015 at 09:05 PM (Scent of the Day)

    Henry Scott Tuke, 1850

    Jardin D'Amalfi

    Lemons blaze, hotter than the white heat on the green grass.
    Sleepy, wafts of tangerine and juicy neroli, roll by.
    It's time for a walk in the sunny garden.
    Dreaming in the daze of warmth,
    yellow striped butterflies prance with audacity.
    Bold; they know they are marked as "dangerous".

    Updated 13th March 2015 at 06:59 PM by kumquat

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  3. Packing scents for a trip (from a post to the Men's Fragrance board)

    My history of packing fragrances to take on a trip has changed quite a bit over the years. Early on, I packed quite a variety. Once I went on a week-long cruise and packed a different day and evening scent for each day, and then threw in a couple more, in case I changed my mind.

    Homeland Security and TSA regulations soon put an end to that kind of extravagance. For a while, I tried to pack more carefully. I made sure to put scents into checked luggage, still taking at least four or

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  4. November in Europe, Paris Part One

    When we returned from our trip to Europe toward the middle of November, all four of us were sick; it was some cold that was going around Italy that got all of us. We all got sick at different times, one of our traveling companions first, who later ended up with walking pneumonia, and I was the last, but our complete recovery took a couple of weeks. Of course, we’re all perfectly fine now.

    The trip was glorious. We started with three days in Paris.

    We arrived in Paris on

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  5. November in Europe, Paris Part Two

    Returning by the rue St-Jacques, we passed the Lycée Louis le Grand, the setting for Judith Rock’s historical mystery series set in the then-Jesuit seventeenth-century school. Rock's sleuth, Jesuit scholastic Charles du Luc, is one of my favorite literary detectives. Back through the Île de la Cité and along the Right Bank quays, we trudged the rest of the fifteen-and-a-half miles we had slogged that day. That evening, on our way back to the Place des Vosges for our dinner reservation at La Place ...

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