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  1. Get to Know a Basenote(r): jarroditshallbe

    Hey again. I am going to interview me. I am doing this for future interviews, so I can show a few different lines of thought to answer questions, and free up how much they can articulate. Again, thanks for reading, and let me know any improvements you may think of!

    Why do these Interviews?
    So many of these questions are asked constantly in the forums. Since the “search tool” is clearly always broken, this may be a way to quick reference some of the FAQ’s.
    I also tried ...
  2. Get to Know a Basenote(r): Grant Osborne

    This week, the Man himself, Grant Osborne. The founder of Basenotes

    Job outside of BN?
    My job outside of Basenotes is being a dad (I’m a single parent to my two children for half of the week)

    Moment you decided to start the site?
    There used the be a site called The Cologne Guy that had seemingly shut down a few years before. I was just getting into fragrance – as I had a job selling the stuff in a UK department store – and thought I could create something ...
  3. Get to Know a Basenote(r): rynegne

    This week is a Basenoter who creates: rynegne. The elaboration here is great. I added a few more questions pertaining to the craft. Enjoy!

    Job outside of BN?
    Marketing analyst and Webmaster at a medium-sized e-commerce company / Part-time Amateur Perfumer

    How long have you been into fragrance?
    I've been wearing fragrances since middle school, cheapies back then. So, I'd say about 15 years.

    Do your friends and family ask you for advice ...
  4. Get to Know a Basenote(r): deadidol

    So, i figured I would use my blog to increase the kinship of the community. I will be doing interviews with several members of the site! I also find the emotional aspect really interesting, and it makes for great stories. Feel free to suggest improvements, im not and interviewer.... I think the first one went really well, and the responses could not have been better. So with this brief introduction I present....

    Getting to Know a Basenote(r): deadidol

  5. SOTD- May 4, 2014

    DelRae- Début, EDP
    Darkest green surviving coolest, crispy nights
    sparkling white angel's caps
    float like so much dainty tulle.

    If there were fairies, surely it would be here.
    The snap of bergamot and linden blossom,
    gay as a warbler's song, carry the happy notes
    through the delicate breeze.

    Gather as many as you can.

    Updated 13th March 2015 at 06:55 PM by kumquat

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