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  1. Doing it!

    As a Basenotes creeper, I often explore the sites little corners and old posts. Sometimes I will even fall into clicking the Random button at the bottom of the page, just to see all the things that are out there.
    I occasionally hit on some mystery fragrances. They have no note trees, no reviews, no picture, no Ebay recommendations. Just nothing. Blank pages in the void.
    I have an idea for this. Time will reveal this idea. Just keep an eye out.

  2. Yacht Man Black

    Updating my Yacht Man reviews, Black is up next.
    This wins the all-time award for the shortest duration and lowest projction of anything I have ever dealt with. I'm not exaggerating when I say that it begins disappearing between the bottle and your skin. In order to achieve any type of lasting scent, I had to apply 4x the amount of a regular fragrance. Even then, the best duration I could accomplish was around 20-30 minutes.
    The scent itself is very pleasant; a soft mix of lily, iris, ...

    Updated 4th April 2014 at 10:32 PM by dreese

  3. All batch-codes in a single page

    I have written in a sinle page all the "batchcodes" until now.
    I did my best to be the most accurate possible.
    I will suggest you to "bookmark" this page, so using your "smartphone" or "tablet" you can have all data immediately available.
    Thid is particularly useful when you have a "vintage" scent in front of you, and you need to know the year of production immediately, in order to decide whether to buy it or not.
    "Raiders ...
  4. yves st laurent Noble Leather?

    yves st laurent Noble Leather?
  5. Summer is approaching!!

    so the summer battle of scents begin. for most guys it means taking out Acqua di Gio. for me its the goodies Virgin island water from Creed, JV artisan acqua, Sag Harbor from bond #9 and Edition Blanche from Chanel! What are your favorite summer scents? any thing kind of odd??
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