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  1. Fragrance Review: Dior Homme Eau

    Genre: Floral

    Maître Parfumeur et Gantier released Iris Bleu Gris in 1988, and Divine introduced the iris-based L’Homme de Coeur in 2002, yet Dior Homme was considered something of a breakthrough when it appeared in 2005: the first mainstream designer iris scent marketed to men. I’ve always wanted to like Dior Homme more than I do, but it’s never won the place in my heart that its two great predecessors occupy. It’s not a matter of niche snobbery, but rather a particular

    Updated 6th July 2014 at 02:42 AM by Way Off Scenter

  2. Posh fragrances notes: YSL L'Homme Libre, L'Eau d'Issey Miyaki Pour Homme

    Homme Libre (only sniffed on paper, may retest on skin): A very polite sort of freedom. As one reviewer on the fragrance page suggested it's a holiday fragrance; no passionate emancipation here, just a nice week off from your smart-shirt job "dine in tine". Not by any means unpleasant but reads as very safe to me.

    (But then so do about 90% of mainstream mens' fragrances, really; this is the same problem I have with designer clothes, it's about branding. I'm not Yves Saint ...
  3. Fragrance Review: By Kilian In the City of Sin

    Genre: Fruity Floral

    J’Adore meets Parfum Sacré, but nothing particularly sinful transpires.

    In the City of Sin launches on a whiff of pepper and a very sweet bergamot top note, then transitions quickly to an accord of rose, syrupy fruit, incense, and patchouli. The rose, pepper, and incense combination found some of its finest early expression in Caron’s Parfum Sacré, but In the City of Sin relegates its incense and pepper to supporting roles, giving pride

    Updated 5th July 2014 at 04:56 AM by Way Off Scenter

  4. BPAL of the day: Nuclear Winter

    It's been a hot, sweaty, humid week here in East Anglia of which I've spent the majority exhausted and ill, and much as I've been questing for my signature sensual fragrance recently it's the weather to be breaking out something fresher. A few years back I managed to score a bottle of BPAL's eternally popular limited edition fragrance Nuclear Winter, in one of its occasional revivals to satisfy popular demand. Today I've broken it out to freshen my poor addled mind.

    Nuclear Winter ...
  5. Cheap cologne for teens?

    My son constantly hits me up for Joop
    Chrome,curve, and original nautica.

    QUOTE=SirNosebleed;3186158]White Musk for Men by the Body Shop. Nice clean laundered smell, not really musky at all. Quite harmless but intoxicating smell.

    But you could easily try it at one of your local malls. It is $28 with free shipping on[/QUOTE]
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