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  1. Ted Lapidus Black Soul Question

    I just got ted lapidus black soul and after applying it within 3 hours nobody can smell it on me. Did I get a fake?? I have heard its lighter than one million but I want to make sure that I did not get a counterfeit like some online retailers sell
  2. is body kouros different enough from le male and lolita lempicka to own?

    Is body kouros different enough to Le Male and Lolita Lempicka Au Masculine to own also? I already own the previous 2 and want some opinions, thanks

    and i want to know about the drydown in body kouros and if it is too much like le male or different enough to own.
    Tags: body kouros
  3. Scent help needed for june wedding - why not create your own?

    A June wedding - how lovely! Based on the fragrances you have listed, it appears that you like more of an oriental, spicy fragrance with a hint of sporty notes. Elegant, sophisticated and very warm with a hint of juniper and citrus on the top. If you are interested in ever creating your own Custom Scent, why not consider contacting us as we can develop your own scent which would be ideal for all occasions.
    Also one reader commented on the TIFFANY FOR MEN fragrance which I helped develop ...
  4. the power of scent

    Found this short video the other day, and of course it brought me right back here. The video says it all, really:
  5. The notes of spring...

    Maybe it's just me but those green springy florals are calling to me. Notes like hyacinth, lily of the valley, lilac, box greens and many more...from the back of my closet out comes>>>
    (Untitled) Martin Margiela
    Vintage Vent Vert (Balmain)
    No. 19 (Chanel)
    Laura Ashley No. 1
    Vintage Muguet de Bois (Coty)
    Lily of the Valley (Penhaligon's)
    Lily of the Valley
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