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  1. Reviewing inexpensive colognes

    Having been a casual Basenotes viewer over the last 4 years, I noticed a preponderance of praise for the more expensive colognes and a general disdain for inexpensive cologne. This pattern evidences itself often in reviews when the reviewer mentions the price, or offers comment along the line of "not bad for the price, or "not bad for a cheapie". The Creed fragrances are tiresomely mentioned daily in every thread as the best. The overall impression given by this pattern is one of ...
  2. La Vie Est Belle by Lancome: Review

    by , 12th February 2013 at 02:00 PM (Riding the Thermals)
    Warning: Graphic Review! Please do not read if you are easily grossed out by bodily functions. This is a respectful and sincere review.

    I am not fundamentally against sweet, mass-marketed fragrances. I am a huge fan of Sugar Lychee by Fresh, and though I'm not sure I would ever want to wear it, I am delighted by the crimson raspberry Jello scent of Escada's Cherry In The Air. That said, I still think that if you're gonna do a synthetic gourmand-floral fragrance, you should be mindful ...
  3. Amouage Beloved Man

    Quote Originally Posted by Osi1s View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by benzganesh View Post
    also i believe Beloved MAN is nearer to Interlude man than anything else in the amouage line
    I was pumped for this after the other posters review, reading that above makes me a sad panda.
  4. Thoughts about blogging


    If you are here you might be curious what I have to say about perfumes, in which case, I warmly want to thank you for this interest!

    Now, i do not know if i should blog here or not [ or here too ] but for now you can find me here:

    I might blog here too soon though.

    Thank you
  5. Fragrance Directory downtime

    Hi all,

    Keep getting a message that the Fragrance directory is experiencing downtime or something. Is anyone else getting this and if so does anyone know how long this will be for?

    Cheers in Advance
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