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  1. Signature scents: worth it or not?

    So it's a controversial topic everyone has their own opinion on this and all are valid. In my opinion as a young collector of fragrances and a student I don't always have a pocket full of cash lol so I can't afford to deplete and replenish every bottle I have in my collection, at least not yet . So at the moment I just pick and mix different fragrances from my arsenal as and when I please but recently I considered a signature scent. I then came to the conclusion that it was a good idea for ...
  2. D&G l'amoureaux

    So I bought this scent back in 2009 when it first came out, i smelled a sample and at the time enjoyed it. I purchased it from Selfridges for around £35. Recently I wore it again after not touching it for a while. It's a strange scent for me I just can't seem to find a time or place for it. It is part of the D&G Anthologies collection. It's a green juice which comes packaged almost like a niche fragrance very simple bottle with a sticker on the front. When i first spray it I get a light citrus ...
  3. Quotes from Djuana Barnes's Nightwood on Perfume, Mother Earth, and The Eternal Feminine

    by , 29th August 2012 at 04:36 PM (Anomie's Bonhomie: Un salon littéraire de parfums or THE REAL IN THE LIBRARY)
    p. 38
    The perfume that her body exhaled was of the quality of that earth-flesh, fungi, which smells of captured dampness and yet is so dry, overcast with the odour of oil of amber, which is an inner malady of the sea, making her seem as if she had invaded a sleep incautious and entire. Her flesh was the texture of plant life, and beneath it one sensed a frame, broad, porous and sleep-worn, as if sleep were a decay fishing her beneath the visible surface.
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  4. mens perfume

    need good perfume that very long lasting,,for hot country....
  5. fragrance not last loang

    hi!! i live in very hot country sri lanka..i wear many branded perfumes,,but the are not very last long,,what kind of men's perfumes that suit for hot country and that should be very last long ....:
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