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    Yves Rocher: Pêche jaune / Fraîcheur végétale de Verveine / Fraîcheur végétale de Cèdre Bleu
    Scent on canvas: Bruns sicilien


    Nobile 1942: Anonimo Veneziano
    Scent on canvas: Ocre doré

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  2. hello

  3. Create your own perfume websites

    I just bought a perfume from Esscentual Fragrances (UK) thinking that I would get a very special fragrance created with my favorite notes for a high cost. The company took about 2 months to send in the creation but I was so excited to get it that I really didn't mind about this. When I finally got the perfume, the first thing I did was to spread it around my room and body, and oh boy, the smell was horribly. I mean, it literally stank.
    The smell of this perfume is so bad that I cannot even ...
  4. New to this Site, Have a question

    I've recently bought a bottle of Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male, I am familiar with the bottle and the fragrance. I am not sure if this bottle that I have bought is authentic or not because the bottle itself have a serial number yet the can does not. I bought this fragrance directly from Amazon and I'm wondering if I have a fake. I have attached pictures of the bottle and the can.
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  5. Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Coffee

    where can i get Thierry Mugler Pure Coffee is it ever coming back
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